Please recommend a bright and inexpensive light for automotive mechanic to clip on bill of baseball hat

This is going to be a gift for my automotive mechanic . The Olight S1R Baton II is what I have in mind , although it is a little too expensive for this purpose . Please recommend an inexpensive alternative . Thanks in advance !

Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 reversible clip, magnetic tailcap, difusser, multiple battery support (buy here or here)

Lumintop EDC05 reversible clip, magnetic tailcap, multiple battery support (buy here)

Lumintop EDC05C rechargeable, magnetic tailcap, sidelight (buy here)

Lumintop EDC18 reversible clip, magnetic tailcap, BLF UI, hight output! (buy here)

Astrolux HL01 just released! (on sale here!)


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Any O’Light AAA with reverse clip will do a good job,
with reliability and not too costly.

I prefer the O’Light to Lumintop
Having had a coupla problems with a coupla switches.

Would you please recommend an Olight AAA ?

I’m no mechanic but often crawl underneath my vehicles doing basic maintenance and often need to use flashlights to look at tight spaces (i.e. oxygen sensor connectors hidden out of sight not easy to get to). I have a few of these cheap COB lights w/ magnetic tails that you can place in tight spaces, similar to these:

I find wearing a hat gets in the way when working under the car…

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I ordered the Lumintop 2.0 AA ! Thank you ladies and gentlemen !

Please recommend the best 14500 batteries and charger for this light …

When you under a belly plate or a Gearbox/Transm.
6 in from your face.

An Astrolux AO1 fits nicely t’ween your teeth to light the way believe me.
(Ex diesel tech.)