please recommend me a good 26650 battery and charger.

thanks fellas. so the difference between the inr and icr’s are raised top and not?
i will be using these for the hd 2010, will the inr’s or icr’s be better?
i might get that sky ray 9 xml too so it will need to fit that light.

the only charger that interest me was that xtar wp2 because it can charge 2 at a time.
do you know if the kk fit that charger? any other chargers? i think i seen a trustfire one that charges two at a time too, but now i cant find it. i just remember the trustfire was in blue writing. haha

I believe the differences between ICR and INR were discussed in pretty good detail in The 26650 Batteries thread. If I remember correctly, the INR are a safer chemistry which is why I went with INR. I know you don't want to mix the types in a multi-cell light!

How about the Sysmax/Nitecore Intellicharger v2? See this comment on charging currents and the way it splits between channels. It won't be fast at 750mA, but you could charge (2) 26650's at the same time. Note that the raised-top's probably won't fit (too long) according to HKJ's comment on button top 26650's possibly being too long.


awesome thanks. going with inr’s then. prolly gonna do more research on a charger.
since that sysmax nitecore will not work with the inr’s.

You can get INR's that are not raised top.


Hello,TR-006 may be not bad. 2 channels,also fits for 18650,16340,etc.

TrustFire Flame 26650 with 5000mAh capacity.

Here is link.

I just came back here to post about the TR-006! Apparently 1A per channel? Might be a review here on BLF, don't remember. $12.88 at Manafont.


Model: TR-006
Battery Voltoge Under 3.4V, current 850mA-900mA
Battery Voltoge to 3.5V-3.6V, current 650mA-700mA
Battery Voltoge to 3.9V-4.1V, current 500mA-550mA
Weight: 230g ( US) 230g ( Euro ) 260g ( UK)
Can charge 25500/26650/26700/18650/16340 10440 battery
Over-voltage/over-current/short circuit protection, battery reverse polarity protection

Nice price ha.
it has a manual switch,3.6 4.2V if i remember.

thanks for the links. that charger and trustfire flame combos seems like a good price.
are these the 26650’s that members are refering to when then they trustfire 26650s?
because they didnt mention flames.

thats the charger that i was trying to find. i remember reading up on it but cant seem to find it. i might just have to get this one.

Xtar SP2, that’s all I have to say.

I have a single TFF 26650 that I only got for my HD2010, and I like it. That being said, I wish I also would have bought a dedicated 26650 charger I would have been happier. I was shown on BLF how to charge that big cell with my TrustFire TR-001 charger using a couple pennies, and it works. So, for now that’ll have to suffice.

I want at least a pair of Kongs, given such positive reviews here, but it seams I may have an HD that is at least regulate and not direct drive, so it may not matter all that much. With how highly regarded and well reviewed the REAL TrustFire Flame cells are around here, I don’t thing I’m settling for much less - especially considering my HD is topping out at 3.5A no matter what I’m powering it with.

If your HD2010 is one of those capable of pulling 5A, get the Kongs and a good charger meant for that size cell. You can’t really lose much with the TFFs, but the Kongs and a high current torch seems to be a winning combo. :slight_smile:

Don’t know if this is of any help or not. But I recently bought a 4Sevens single bay charger. So far I’m impressed with it. It’ll charge 16340’s all the way up to 26650’s. Thought it was a good price too.

I’d probably also opt for 4Sevens branded 26650’s too.

The TR-006 looks perfect for 26650’s, but seems to have some quality issues.

If a vendor starts selling it from a US warehouse, I’ll buy one anyway, but only then because I want a reasonable location to return it to if I have problems.

here is thread of 26650 battery

I Second this Motion!

Yes, those are the only Trustfire 26650's I am aware of. I'd stick with the TR-005 charger (single bay 1.5A charge rate) over the TR-006.


I got one of the 4Sevens chargers, but it only charges to 4.12v. It’s a good charger, but I’d like a little more out of it. Obviously just a variation in production - does yours charge to 4.2v?

I haven’t got any 26650’s yet and I only got the charger on Monday. So far only done a few 18650’s and 16340’s on it. I think they where around 4.14-4.18v. I’ve got another 18650 to charge tonight so I’ll post up what it terminates at.

Thanks. I should have made it clear that I don’t have any 26650 cells either - but 18650, 14500 and 16340 all charge to same voltage. Still, means they should last longer - except I now use Sysmax I4 most of the time, to get 4.2v.

One other odd thing about the 4Sevens charger, bearing in mind the dangers associated with Li-ions, is that it came with no instructions whatever - just a white box.

Yeah mine had no instructions either. Thought it a bit weird.

Anyhow just checked an 18650 fresh off the charger and it’s 4.18v I’m quite happy with that.

yups im stayin away from that tr006. might just go with the tr005. but thinking ahead….i may end up with a 4x26650 light one of these days, so having two charging ports maybe crucial, but i really dont wanna spend $40 on a xtar charger either.

edit so i did end up buying that tr006 charger only because i found it on amazon. it was like 12 or 13 shipped from US. ive always been pretty happy with my amazon purchases so we’ll see how it goes.

i also ordered two imr with stub tops at intl outdoors .

cant wait to test these bad boys in my hd2010