Please tell me the DIFFERENCE in these Flash Lights

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If you copy an URL and then type a word like
Flashlight 1

Then highlight that word and click on the little icon that says insert link (fifth from the left)
There you paste the link to get a result lke this:
Flashlight 1

hmmm that does not seem to work
agian a try
flashlight 1

Ah yes now it works, when copy your links BLF adds “%20(link%20is%20external)” this should be removed in the field where you paste the link

This way other only have to click instead of selecting the whole link and the right click and select go to link

1 comes with charger and cells

One has a different color nice non anodised!

Just by looking at the URL’s it looks like the 3 tints of A6’s (first one bundled), the non-anodized A6, and the Astrolux version

They’re all basically the same flashlight. The differences are:

Link 1: The color tint is selected as 3D 5000K. This is also a bundle that includes a Nitecore charger and 2 18650 batteries.
Link 2: This is the BLF A6 flashlight. You get to pick which color tint you want: 1A, 3D, 5A
Link 3: This is the non-anodized version of the same light. I think this means the outer aluminum body hasn’t been treated with an oxidizing layer or something like that.
Link 4: This seems to be the same link as link 2.
Link 5: The BLF A6 is made by Manker. The brand Astrolux is Manker’s brand for bangood. The Astrolux S1 is the same light as the BLF A6, but it also includes the shorter body tube if you wish to use the shorter 18350 batteries instead of the longer 18650.

The first one is a set: BLF A6 (3D tint) with charger and batteries

The second one is just the flashlight. BLF A6 with options for source (China Warehouse of U.S. Warehouse) and choice of tints (1A, 3D, 5A).

The third one is the same flashlight, but without any finish coating, bare aluminum.

  • Bare aluminum advantages: Bling factor, looks nice.
  • Black anodized finish advantages: Hard coating resists staining and scuffing, allows for tail lock out (power cutoff).

The fourth one is identical to the second one.

The fifth one is the Astrolux version (different brand) of the BLF A6. For most intents and purposes, you can consider the two flashlights to be identical. This particular deal comes with both an 18650 tube and a 18350 tube, which means the user has a choice of powering the flashlight with either the longer 18650 battery or the shorter 18350 battery. So, it’s a better value (if you don’t care about the name).

In all cases, I cannot recommend this flashlight to you. If you have difficulty comprehending these differences, I’m concerned for your safety.


Lithium-ion battery safety 101

BLF decision - #47 by 1dash1

EDIT: Sorry for re-stating much of what EyeballFryer said. It took a while to reconstruct the OP’s post so that the links worked.

They are the same so it is up to you to choose a tint.
But I think the last model the astrolux has a different user intetface to the original Blf lights

I thought that was a rumor.

Can you confirm (find a reference link)? I’ll try doing the same.

I did a search of the original BLF A6 group buy thread: Code now public! BLF A6 FET+7135 Light. Short 18350 tubes and Unanodized Lights Available
There are numous posts discussing the advent of the Astrolux S1. However, I couldn’t find any specific mention of any changes to the UI.

This is a review of the Astrolux S1: Review: Astrolux S1 3D Flashlight

It contains this drawing of the Astrolux’s UI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . which is identical to BLF A6 UI:

BLF A6 UI reference: Code now public! BLF A6 FET+7135 Light. Short 18350 tubes and Unanodized Lights Available - #2899 by ToyKeeper

Isn’t the step down at different timing? I just remember reading it here? Or is it the same as the X6 and X5 driver? I will do some reading now…

Some one from BLF must have bought one by now.

Regarding the BLF A6/Astrolux S1: Toykeeper modified the UI by changing the turbo stepdown from 30 seconds to 45 seconds in October. The October revision was the firmware installed in the final production models. No changes to the stepdown have been discussed since then. (Other than some members wishing that it was longer.) The turbo stepdown is triggered by fixed-timing.

Regarding the BLF Kronos X5 & X6: There were many discussions about the turbo stepdown feature. (As I recall, the X5’s default setting was okay. The X6’s default setting was too low, prematurely stepping down from turbo before the flashlight got hot.) The turbo stepdown level is user-customizable for the Kronos X5 & X6, the user can choose how hot to set it, or can choose to disable the function. The turbo stepdown is triggered by temperature sensing.

I can not find many specs on the Astrolux S1.

we should also mention the S1 is meant to come with the 18350 battery tube included.

The fourth is an aff link for mhanlen.

Hello Every One,

I thank you for your prompt replies and the wealth of information you all provided. One flash light cost $59.00 and the other was $29.00. The difference was due to custom firmware, or so I thought.

In the end, I found the Astrolux S2 CREE XPL-HI 1400LM EDC LED Flashlight 18650, in the post referral by 1dash1. Apparently, this is the latest and the greatest and is the one that I will order.

The Miller… Thank you for having corrected my links.

1dash1… Thank you for the Safety Guide.

Best Wishes,

Astrolux S2 CREE XPL-HI 1400LM EDC LED Flashlight 18650 vs. BLF X6-SE V2 CREE XPL-HI 1400LM EDC LED Flashlight 18650

Any thoughts as to WHICH one is best???

Those two lights are mostly identical, price would be my first consideration picking between them.

I think there are still sets of the aluminum X6/X5 groupbuy. You could get two lights for a reduced cost that way.

Links for the different tints available:

Then go to this thread BLF Kronos X6/X5 GB - Group Buy now closed. and scroll down a ways on the OP to get the code.

Looking at the site the 1A tints are in stock but the 3B say usually ships in 10 - 15 days, whatever that might mean.

I have a BLF A6, and if I were buying today I’d get the Astrolux- same light but an extra battery tube for a shorter cell at nearly the same price.


I think JazzyJazz is past that one already, he/she decided to go with the Astrolux S2/BLF X6. :wink:

Can someone tell me if the 5a tint is warm or cool?

5A is a neutral tint that’s on the warm side. It’s definitely not a cool tint.

5A is my favorite tint. When you look at it on a white wall next to a 3D and 1A you will think it is a little “pinkish” But when using it on its own I don’t notice it, I just find it renders colors really nicely.

Thank you for the quick reply… So I would call that warm… Good… Thanks again.