What’s the best and safest high capacity powerbank for charging flashlights and other devices

“Best” is a relative term, generally I’ve used the same ADATA 20k mah battery bank that fueled my binge and rampage during the peaks of Pokemon go and it still serves me well in charging anything that I plug into it so for me cant beat the price and performance. (Bought it for around $20~ cad)

What sort of power bank, what sort of torch and what sort of money?

e.g. about £10 for something like the Astrolux BC2:

You’ll need to get your own batteries to put in it. But a couple of 4000 or 5000mAh 21700’s (under £10 each) and you’d have a good way of charging up many types of flashlight from it. I like very much that you are in control of the power source and should a battery fail or become old, you can just replace it with ease.

Or the other end of the spectrum. Something like the Nitecore NPS600:

But at £675 it is a rather more pricey and less pocketable option.

But there are plenty of options inbetween.

Jackery is the best that I have seen:

i dont know if its good for flashlights, but the king of mobile power banks in general belongs to anker, hands down, most reliable, best build quality, fast PD charging with C, etc. not the cheapest, but definitely not expensive either.

OP said he wants the best. The Jackery power bank is $500. There is no way a $20 Anker power bank competes with that.

op wants a power bank for charging flashlights, jackery is the size of a car battery, u wanna be lugging that around just to charge flashlights? its called context. and anker power banks are like 80-140 CAD for 26000mah ones. none of that cheap $20 shit

I bought a 20,000 mah ChargeAsap Flash 2 and it’s amazing. Puts out 100 watts over PD 3.0 which will power both of my HP laptops (not at same time…). Charges in less than an hour from zero to 100% using a 100 watt PD wall charger or my 90 watt car charger


Maybe YZXStudio 8 Cells:

Or the Nitecore NPB2:

I can’t say enough good things about this Flash 2 Graphene power bank. Powers both of my work laptops (HP), recharges in like an hour.


i just got this one, look forward to see if it really gd

What is a graphene battery?


You’re only as good as the cells inside and perhaps, to a lessor degree, the electronics inside; however if things don’t crap out on you within the first month (infant mortality,) than it’s just the cells/batteries inside that one needs to worry about.

I try not to buy power banks with sealed cells inside, but that’s just me?


I use some of these to make my own. When I have access to grid power, I power then with an old laptop power supply.
When off grid, I use whatever is handy. A car battery, or a bank of 18650s in a 4S2P gives plenty of juice.
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I’m loving this Flash 2. I work upstairs on the couch in my living room a lot and there’s no power outlet near the couch. I just plug a usb-c PD cable into one of the usb-c ports on my HP laptop and it goes for hours. Went skiing recently and I was able to change up my boot heaters, phone, etc really easily. I love being able to change it in like 45 min