Pretend I'm a Seller on e-Bay............................

Buying and sell things, sure is that there are wa lot of fake ones, from Sony Memory Stick to Nike Air Max.
Trust stores or sellers who respect you, even if you have to pay more.

If it has a brand name label on it, but was not made by the owner of that name, then it is a fake. I have to rely on the mfg to id their own product. That is why I have an email in to the mfg. In this case, since the 12 are of inferior quality and the packaging bears the name of a known counterfeiter, I think it is reasonable to suspect fraud. I doubt that the superior quality one is the counterfeit and the shlock ones are the real ones.


just a heads up, so you wont say this in person to someone someday… buts its “rake him over the coals” not “rape him over the coals” :stuck_out_tongue: that is all.

but I meant ‘rape him over the coals’ as a word play on the usual saying we’re so used to hearing. Try it next time in conversation. Most the time the person doesn’t grok what ya said and thinks it was ‘rake’. :smiley:

Ya have to admit it’s even worse than being raked so save it for extremely abusive treatment. :wink: 8)

lol, fair enough. Sorry, I cringe when I hear people use the wrong phrases like that when talking in casual conversations in person, but wouldnt think of embarrassing them by correcting them . Thought this was my one chance to make a difference.