Question about LED-driver for xhp35 leds

Hi all.

I have read this forum long time and I sign in because I have some questions drivers and electronics. I hope you can help me :slight_smile:

I’m planning make new bikelight which have 4 or 6 pcs xhp35 HI D4 leds.

My battery voltage is about 14V (motorcycle battery)

I planning drive each LED 1A current.

First plan was to use buck driver for leds, but is it possible connect all leds to parallel?
If it’s not, the next problem is how to step-up voltage 14V to 48V or more. It’s not heard right, I think.

If I put leds 2pcs seriers and 2pcs parallel, so the voltage would be 24V and current 2A

Driver mods and needs
I don’t need many kind of power mods. Only what I need is 100% and overheating cutoff for leds and offcourse driver electronics too.
Actually overheating cutoff should be some kind of current limiting thing. Example when the lamp getting 120 C degrees and current is 1A —> cutoff (software with ntc??) limiting current to 0,5A. When temperature is like 80 degrees the current rising back to 1A etc.

Lexel and texas ace drivers looks interesting, but do anyone know can I buy good quality driver somewhere else?

Thanks and sorry :smiley:

You could run 4 or 5 with a TaskLED HyperBoost in series…

If you have room you can run 3 off a Meanwell LDH-45A-1050W - plus you can have variable dimming. I have tested it with 3 XHP35s but not 4.

I think you could just put the LEDs in parallel and use a constant current buck driver. Or you could put some in series and use a boost driver. I think both driver types are available (like on ebay) as long as you don’t have to fit it in a very small space. See here for output and voltage test of XHP35.

The temperature control stuff would be harder to do. The simplest thing you can do is adjust your heatsinking and current to keep the temperature not too high.

Thank you for responses.

The space for the drive can be problem, because I have to put driver inside to body.

TaskLED have interesting choices, LED4power have too, especially LD-B4HV 2-12Amp 2S/4S Multi-Cell driver, but they don’t have in stock now.

Temperature control of the pcb must be, because in Finland we have like –20 degrees cold and the convection not be problem in motion. When I stopped biking the temperature of pcb rises and current must be limited somehow.

If somebody needs work to design boost- or buck driver with temperature control for my bikelight, take contact to me :slight_smile: