Questions about a new torch.

Hey guys I’m looking for a decent torch, I Don’t know much about torches, battery life isn’t an issue I’m like the idea of one with a handle and LED, waterproof and it can be dropped from time to time, my max price is $100 AUD, lighter the better.
I work on the railway for the sugar mill so a wide beam would be an advantage.

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Do you want something with standard cells like AAs or have you already looked into lithium primaries and rechargeables (18650)?

I was thinking the same thing....

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Lithium batteries would be better but AA OR AAA is fine

The ShiningBeam S-mini XM-L T6 is the floodiest 18650s light I own, but I don't know how good it will withstand being dropped... probably not that well considering the compactness and its low mass.

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Ah ok cool know of anything with a bit mire power I’ve got to be able to around a fair distance away 200-300 meters away while I’m on the ground. More power the better honestly…
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You should check out the crelant 7g5 v2, I found a place to get it for only $77 american dollars. It Throws 400 yards, and since it's an xml emitter, it has alot of spill.

That's a great rig for your purpose. I would get a three mode in there though. Welcome to BLF.

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check out the brands and models from this flashlight specialist:

the owner himself is a professional LEO with years of (professional) lighting experience. i dont know many 18650 models but i adore mine, Eagtac T20 (with different screw-in modules, e.g XM-L U2 with 770 lumens)

Not going to let him see 300yds out though. 100yds maybe.

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Perhaps an Ultrafire HD2010 but no handle. How about the new Solarstorm? Should be able to brute force light out past 200yds and maybe even 300. Heck, even the DRY and King will push light out in that range.

^ right, the requirement was refined in a post I had not read. So some flood and decent throw is required. Looks like c8 or x9 territory to me. A good triple would probably also do. What is the light with five q5 in it? Can't help with the handle part though.

TR-1200. I believe. He also wants a handle so that limits things greatly.

How’s that for timing?

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