Quick question on XPG amperage

I read some post in the forum and i see R5 driven at 1A, 1,4A and also 2.1A... Now, assuming a standard host (502 or 504 for example) and heatsink on this host, which is the "right" current for a R5?

A 3x7135 circuit would be enough? (Like this, for example)

I've got a Palight C8 with an XP-G in it and it pulls 2.25A, hasn't been bad for it so far.

With some batteries I can get it to pull 2.49A

This is a good question. Much like the xm-l, there's a lot of speculation on gains after 1.4a for the xp-g. I'll try and get around to testing it, much like I did the xm-l and mc-e. The sst-50 is next though.

Is your post with the test of the emitters that "create" my question. I see that emitter have a sort of ideal current. If you use lower current they lost a lot of lumen, if you use more current you gain only few lumen...

Any good driver board with 1.4A output?

In a P60 host given the lack of capability to spread the heat generated for the emitter 1A would be optimal.


There are a quite a few good drivers right at 1.4a. Any of the linear 7135 based boards will do the trick.

Considering all of the xm-l based P60 drop-ins are running 3+amps, I'd say there's not much concern with pushing the xp-g to 1.4.

Ok. So 1.4 seems to be the solution.

There are on-line shop that sells single 1.4A circuit board?

1.4 is needed only for XPG. I use 1A on Q3 and Q5 and 2.8A On XML..

Between 1A and 1.4 A the flux increase is around 15/18% the decrease due the added heat could be 25/30% if not more...