[( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) Quick Reviews] Wurkkos TS30S SBT90.2 6000 Lumens - Best Value 2021

TS30S wurkkos latest flashlight using SBT90.2 led with brightness of 6000 lumens for up to 952m


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Thanks for the review!

Funny that every review you do is the best value of 2020 or 2021 :D

I was expecting the best value flashlight in every video :D

Is it really 6000 lumens tho

Thank you my friend

I think so

Tôi không nổi tiếng với thương hiệu này.

How do you think this light is able to get 6000 lumens out of the SBT90.2 vs other lights including K75, BLF GT90, etc which’s only able to get ~ 4600 lumens on turn on? (serious question)

I used it and thought it was impossible to reach 6000 lumens. In theory, it is quite achievable. I will compare it with another flashlight

I’ve owned the TS30s for over a week now, bought it on amazon us. It is a REALLY nicely made light. The best comparison I can make for its form factor- it is aAstrolux FT02s but with a 21700 specific tube. The machining and quality are fantastic for the price. It’s almost the same exact size as a ft02s, but with that smaller battery tube which is nice. It compares in output to my Lumintop X9L but throws further. Definitely middle ground between lumintop x9L and astrolux ft03s. This ta30s is one of my favorite lights recently. I only have one negative about it, is there is a prominent outer ring in the beam outside. Any not bother some people.

Lux-perpetua has a thread for it. 【ツ】Wurkkos TS30 + TS30S Sales Thread - available on wurkkos.com, Amazon & AliExpress

Yes, I also love it. It’s more compact than the FT03S for everyday carry. If I need a long throw, I choose TS30S if I need to throw a shot, I will bring the FT02S

maybe each of these flashlights is best for its space-time dimension :smiley:

I have it too. Center of hotspot only marginally brighter than FT03 or Cat V6 but it is a bigger hotspot.

I do not think it pumps out 6000 lumens I am using 40T cell. Hard to tell as it is only a little brighter to eye but it is a “wider brighter.”

Yes well built, but my switch light only works for charging indication. Does not light up otherwise.

Seems a good value as a sub-$100 purchase.

Did you try 7 clicks from OFF or 3 clicks from LOCKOUT? It should cycle through OFF - LOW - HIGH - BLINKING.

Yes. Doesn’t work in either case. Not after reset either.

Mine works flawlessly. Very bright button

Well I am a little jealous. Just a little, though, because it is not too important a feature in my book.

Well, there's only two possibilities then:

a) software bug in the UI of your sample - can you please try following?

  • remove battery
  • hold side switch for 5s
  • insert battery again
  • try activating the aux light (7C from OFF, 3C from lockout)

If that does not work, please perform a factory reset of your light:

option 1: Loosen tailcap, hold side switch + tighten tailcap, keep holding side switch for 3s

option 2: 13H from OFF (click thirteen times but hold the last click)

  • try activating the aux light (7C from OFF, 3C from lockout)

b) hardware defect - the aux LED cannot light up

I wonder if the charging LED is different from the standard aux LED or is it the same? During charging there should be red/orange light but when finished it should turn green. Does the switch of your sample light up green when charging is completed?

Lux- thanks for the tips. Most I had tried already.

I thought the software reset might work, but it did not.

Other measures also fruitless.

The switch does indeed go red to green once fully charged.

Other than switch indicator, works fine in every sense including Anduril behaving properly.

nope, more around 4000