Random idea for multi-die LED flashlights

Well then no congrats to you, because you can have a reflector that’s great for throw, but not necessarily hot for flood and vice versa. :smiley: Snide comments aside, you could just get something like a BLF GT, which happens to have a rather large flat at the focal plane, and add a ring of LEDs there. And it still probably wouldn’t have as good a flood as if it had a shorter reflector. So no matter what, there’s always some compromise - I won’t call a possible 40-50 degree beam much of a flood, but I suppose it’s all relative. For you, 10 degrees is probably considered flood.

But there probably are more oddball ideas out there… how about making a recoil flashlight, that has a forward facing COB in the center where the aperture is? The SyniosBeam has a large aperture on the reflector, which would fit a nice sized COB. Something scaled down to a more familiar format might be cool?

Reflectors are inherently inefficient and inflexible.
A movable lens can offer the most throw but if it is fully retracted to the led it can offer flood almost as good as a mule.

I concur.
Lens produces better flood than a mule.
Because it’s perfectly uniform yet not overly wide.

The Spark SP6 is a attempt for example
not half and nothing whole at my opinion
but a try.

Regards Xandre

How about … a recoil light with a movable mirror (or movable LED, whichever is less of an engineering nightmare)?

I did some ray tracing….and it looks to me like it would produce a hole in the middle of the beam. Not because of the LED blocking light but purely because of reflector shape and position.

That’s a pretty unique light right there :stuck_out_tongue: zoomie reflector

Yup, that’s right.
Moving the reflector closer to the LED will make flood but with an increasing dead spot in the middle, even if the LED has a super small 10mm mcpcb it will be amplified in size.