Rating: GearBest.com [AVOID]

I never heard of this company until I saw a 20% Nitecore coupon code from them on another site. Looking at the page that I was directed to it only list some of their Nitecore flashlights and I’m wondering if it applies to just the flashlights on that page or all of them. Gearbest if you are reading this can you clarify this?

If it does apply then there are some pretty good prices on the SRT flashlights. I paid about $20 more for the SRT7 from another vendor (the best price I could find) at the beginning of April if the 20% code applies otherwise it was about the same price.

I read reviews with some skepticism especially if the reviewer gets a free sample of the item. How do I know the company didn’t cherry pick the item to start. Also for most people there is just too much temptation to skew the review when the item is free. There are however those who can be trusted even when they are given free samples (i.e. selfbuilt, HKJ are two that come to mind).

My other thought is that if there are affiliate links so what. If someone is going to buy an item anyway then way not give a fellow BLFer a commission. At least we know that it’s an affiliate link and not some skewed review. And if there is a review with the link then I just take that into account. OTOH if BLF filled up with affiliate links then it would diminish the value of this forum. Moderation would be the watch word.

I’m also a little leary of giving my financial information to a company that doesn’t have a track record. So I haven’t made up my mind about this company yet but it sure doesn’t look good when they are sending PMs to get people to review lights.

Anyway that’s just my 2 cents worth for what it’s worth.

I was notified about this, and I deleted the sender’s account. It wasn’t GearBest as far as I can tell.

On an unrelated note

A while back got this gimmickly little light for $.01…ended up paying $3.00, 1.99 for shipping and $1.00 for insurance on a $0.01 item (yeah…always always always double double check before you hit the pay button…doh!)
Commodity price : 0.01 + Insurance: 1.00 + Tracking Number: 1.99

Just got a conformation in my paypal they refunded the $1.99…I never asked for it or even filed a complain…interesting

Definitely earned a few kudo points for that

Got one of these inbound for Commodity price : 3.22
Let’s see how well it holds up

Would definitely like to find out the “moddability” of this “police” light…the other ones you can’t disassemble

Yeah, if they want the flashlight folks here to stay around, they need pictures of the other end of the flashlights.
Most show the tailcap open, none I noticed show the emitter or driver — nor tell anything about them.

I only did 1 trx with them for multipurpose saber card promo.
order on 6 apr, ship out on 8 apr with unrecognized tracking number.
now, in middle of nowhere.
will just wait since it is almost free item.

I’m just curious if this is a common practice. :~

The lowermost picture in Gearbest’s ad for the Jacob A60: http://www.gearbest.com/led-flashlights/pp_15296.html is exactly the same as my A60 beam shot in my post here (6th photo from the top) in BLF: Beamshot Comparison of my Throwers and Dedomed Flashlights

I think it would be safe to say that they copied from my post because I took that picture just outside my home. :frowning:

Haha :smiley: lol, you are now famous person :stuck_out_tongue:

I ordered two items lately (have not received them yet) and today I got an email from them, a very very very annoying one, and there is no link in the mail to unsubscribe from their mails, and in my account on their website there is also no option to unsubscribe such annoying emails. This is the horrid email (without lay-out, it ended with a clickable button to something on their website I did not want to click):

My Dearest Friend
We also want to say a huge thank you for your tolerance and patience. You have made the journey together an incredible one. But we also want to say how very sorry we are to you.
Why? For the times when you perhaps did not receive your products as fast as you had hoped. Maybe we made a rare mistake and you did not receive your expected products. Or sometimes, our tireless customer service team did not fully resolve your problem in time. You might even feel that you have suffered unfairly.
We are so sorry
From everyone here at Gearbest, please accept our sincere apologies if we have ever disappointed you
...but that's not all
We understand
that sometimes words
are not enough.
So we asked all of our colleagues at Gearbest for their best ideas: we're delighted to offer this modest thank you gift to you.
Yes, the GB staff contributed but deep down we know that we would not still be here today after all this time were it not for each and every one of you.
You're not simply valuable, or even invaluable:
You're amazing

Yours Sincerely
The Gearbest Team

Yeah, I got that same “Dearest Friend” email too (twice)

I’m getting to think a lot of these supposedly different sites are all run from the same desk, just one guy somewhere testing all sorts of different approaches to selling stuff. He’s probably got an account or six here as well …

There was an ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of the email.
I’m testing that out now.

Yea I got that email and all it did was advertise a sale….

i got that email too :)

and my Fenix ordered 1 week ago didn't get shipped yet :)

i luv Gearbest already :)

Gearbest puts up a sale of a flashlight with 93% off, than 2 days later says it was only for 5 pieces and that their site could not show this error over the weekend. Pretty scumbaggy of them. AVOID

My opinion is the same.

Haha! A thought that has crossed my mind too! :smiley:
Like the various ebay stores that send “mr. Pigeon” out to deliver your stuff…
Big Brother is Chinese, and he sells cheap goodies!

yep ive ordered one of old lumens lights from the group buy, it certainly will be my one and only order

So who else is in favor of AVOID? :)

I'd never buy anything from them after this INTENTIONAL scam. Mistake??? My ass!!!

Regarding the Olight H15, I wont be avoiding them. I think people are judging way to harshly. Its standard practice to use loss leaders. Its not dishonest or underhanded. If they never sold any lights at all, ie: the 5 Russians are non existent, then that is underhanded bait and switch. But we have no proof of that.

IMO, they engaged in standard business practices. No one even thinks twice about it when other sites offer 5 of something big, and insane prices just to get the web talking about the sale. I see it often, X company will sell 2 or something at 3pm on X date. One local company runs sales where every hour there are a set amount of an item offered each hour over a 24 hour period. Admittedly they inform people how many are on offer, usually.

Bricks and mortar stores offer crazy sales where people line up and swarm in when the doors are opened for the limited number of certain items. People get injured in these things. The only difference i see here, they didnt say up front there were only 5 available. The fact the deal still appears is part of the campaign to get the site out in the minds of buyers. Its why they do it.

Apparently 5 people got a stunning deal. Im not pissed that i missed out.


They made a pricing error, by accident, or worse: intentional to gain publicity, and then they do not admit the error. They stated it was a limited clearance and still allow more than 5 people buy the item. It is annoying, either because they do not admit a mistake, or because they are not able to act as a proper and reliable webshop.

They lost me as a customer.

Enjoy my first and last order, gearbest