Recommend a usb volt meter.


Im looking to purchase a multi (type c + micro) usb volt meter, any suggestions which one to go for?
Typical use is to test power to and from mobiles / usb devices, personal devices.

I have already posted in the usb review but in case that gets missed, apologies if double post but I guess this can help all who comes in this section.

You can try the UM34C. The "C" model even has bluetooth mode.

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I second that.
The UM34C is on the pricier side of the USB meters, but it’s really worth its money.


Although the E-Test app it uses is complete rubbish. I use my one almost daily and it’s a great device indeed. Supports almost all the common protocols except for VOOC/Dash.

If you primarily want to measure the current with USB-C connectors, I really like this module. You can also use it to test which protocols are supported by what charger and also “trigger” specific voltages, as well as do capacity measurements and such.