Recommend me a charger for Samsung 30Q Batteries

Hi all,

I tried doing a few searches but couldn’t find something conclusive. Some of the threads are a little older and I imagine newer chargers have come out.

I’m starting to build my flashlight collection for various applications and the first set of batteries I have are the Samsung 30Qs. I’d like to purchase a 4 slot charger rather than two 2 slot chargers.

Can you recommend me a good charger? It doesn’t need to be lightning fast but obviously speed is a good thing. I’ll probably buy another set of the 30Qs as a backup for these.

I looked at the Nitecore New i4 but didn’t want to pull the trigger without checking here first.

Thanks everyone.

Miboxer C4-12 from Neals Gadgets ;-)

Reviews here, here and here ...

Edit: there is a slightly newer model already available on BG (also read here ...)


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Yes, I’d also recommend the newest MiBoxer C4-12 V2.0.

Need an analysing charger?

If not, I got and like my old i4.

If yes, my go-to is still my Opus 3100.

You do realise, I hope, that if you ask 10 people that question, you’ll likely get 16 different answers.

Hah, I do realize this, yes. Though, given my absolute zero knowledge on the subject I can deal with being given the options and then doing some more research.

What is an analysing charger? Does it tell me the health of the battery?

Yes and no.

You can do a “quick test” which measures internal resistance. High-drain cells are lower than high-capacity cells (trade-off). But as cells age, both types and everything in-between will “age” with increasing resistance.

Also, you can measure the capacity when the beastie charges up the cell to full, drains it and measures charge, then tops it off again. So a 3000mAH 30Q should have at least 3000mAH in it, or at least really close to that.

Some will do that in all 4 bays, others in just 1 (think the almighty Miboxer only does that in bay #4, not 1-3).

If you don’t need/want all that (fine for a 2nd charger), the i4 is quite nice. And as mentioned, the Ope is my go-to charger which does pretty much everything I need. Only issue is the fan buzzes like angry bumblebee when too much current (ie, heat) is in play.

I have the Opus 3400,which is pretty much identical to the Opus 3100,except that when it is doing a capacity test it only discharges to 3.1 volt whereas the 3100 discharges a bit lower. Anyway,the fan has been improved and is hardly noticeable. In fact, people with the old loud fan can easily switch it out for the quieter one, available on Bangood. Either of these chargers are fantastic. They are also easy to use. What’s great about this charger is that it will accept any battery, except a D cell. Each slot can be charging a different size cell at a separately selected current. You can also be charging in one slot and be discharging in another slot.

+100500 Upgrade Miboxer C4-12 (new model)

I use the LiitoKala Engineer Lii-500.
Was highly thought of a couple of years back.

Lii-500 can not:

- 20700/21700 protected

- Li-Ion 4.35

- LiFePO4

  • not more 1A for slot

It is already outdated :slight_smile:

Yep, that sounds like me.
Already outdated.

Liitokala Lii 500 or Lii 500S.

Some may say “outdated”. I say iconic & timeless.

Don’t need or want an analyzing charger… get an Xtar that does 2A per bay.