Recommendation Tactical flashlight

I have a tactical bandana, and it is cool :sunglasses: :smiley:

I’ve seen the commercials for those, and they’re great!

A former pilot drops the Tac-Bandana™ off a cliff, and after 30sec of floating down to earth, it’s absolutely undamaged!

Plus, you can freeze it in a block of ice, drive over it, you name it, and as long as you don’t mind the dirt, you can go right to wearing it!


I can’t wait for the Tac-Scrunchy™! :laughing:


I’ve always considered ‘tactical’ as having a bezel with big nasty teeth

Nitecore clone?


Can you think of a better name for a light that fits my definition?

I’m open. I agree the name means different things to different people.

Astrolux EC01 €24 @ Bangood (even less with BLF discount code), fully loaded with Andúril


- SAM -

Off the self truly tactical, I’m going to say Armytek Dobermann, Predator or Viking. With the head tight it’s strictly on/off high mode. Loosen the head a fraction and you get all the modes. I’ve got one of each and they have all worked well for the last 3 years. Some have claimed quality control issues, I’ve experienced no problems. It’s got the potted electronics, great waterproofing and torture tested. One video showed it dropped of a five story building and towed behind a car at 50 mph where it bounces up and breaks the tail light. It’s bright and takes 18650, 2-CR123A’s, 2-18350’s. Should be tough enough to beat zombie’s all day long.

To me, and I recall tossing in my 2¢ but in a different thread, a tactical light is not an EDC light, but essentially is a simple 1-mode (ie, on/off only) light with rear protruding forward-clicky switch. Silent momentary for flash’n’dash, full click for constant-on. Rock-solid reliable, preferably potted, does only one thing and does it flawlessly.

I got by with a 1-mode ’502 for a long time, and as an EDC light, yet.

So? Something like an L2M with potted 1-mode drop-in would fit the description nicely, similar to the Suefire someone pointed out in your thread.

This is spot on, IMHO. High reliability at a low cost, look at the Streamlight Polytac. I’ll actually be the dissenting voice, though, as I prefer a moderate output. You pop on a 1500lm monster in the middle of the night you’ll be dazzled as well. My two bedside lights both put out in the range of 150-200 lumens, single mode and rock solid reliable. Of course if I were to “need” a thrower I have a a couple right there as well- but those aren’t my go to lights.

Another option for a reasonable cost would be the Lumens Factory Seraph- just make sure to run the momentary tailcap as the clicky version is a little bit recessed.

Yep, my ’502 had… I think it had a 1.40A driver, so don’t recall about how many lemons that’d be. 500? Less?

Or maybe it was a 1.05A driver. Forgot. That’d be… what?… 300lm?

Did me fine for a loooooooooong time.

Oh yeh, for poking around in the dark, like going down the basement steps without the bother of turning on the light (and waiting maybe forever for the damned tubes to flicker their way to staying on, ugh) I just grab my WW E03 with diffusion film to light the way. Plenty bright, maybe even too much so with the 14500, even heavily diffused.

Alas, the E03 (Xeno), has M/L/H mode order, so by the time I’d click to low, any semblance of night-vision is already gone.

Point is, just a little light, even heavily spread out, is often more than enough.

Agreed, bullet proof, always works, boring tacticool less features. I’ve got one Solarforce with a 1.5 amp XP-L V6 led and it always works. Boringly simple, very tactical and on the night stand near the Glock 21 duty pistol. Seraph is also a quality P60 light. In fact I E-mailed them to consider the 21700 format and picking up the Solarforce L2 style left void by Solarforces departure from the business. I would encourage other to do the same as they seem interested in the battery format.

Mmmm, with rumblings of Sofirn reviving the ’502, I was initially enthused. As soon as I heard the tailcap was likely to have those damned thumb-guards… pass. Evvvvveryone wants ’em to tail-stand. Fooey.

At least the switch on the ’502 was slightly protruding, enough to still activate easily. Not quite L2 style, but close enough.

Guard-ring around the switch, with or without cutouts? Nope, not for me.

I’m quite critical Foursevens given my experience with my new 2aa quark Mkiii but they still did a LOT of things right. The tail switch is excellent and offers easy and reliable access. For those that would need tail standing they include a snap-in plastic ring so no worries either way.

Overall, I like the old Surefire style for “tactical” lights. Push for on, release for off. Virtually nothing to break or go wrong.

Thanks, but this not has tail switch

Still hard to beat the very popular Fenix PD35TAC.

You can get it with a battery that has a micro usb plug for charging.

when people say want “tactical” flashlight, what do they mean?

A flashlight with forward clicky switch?

Or with a rugged bezel?

Or it can be a tool for defense?

A black flashlight.

Wait a second, you say what ?

You actually like strobe? And you use it as well?