Recommended batteries for this Teslacom 4-cell 18650 light?

Someone just posted a list recently in a different thread. Liionwarehouse, IMRbatteries, MTN, 18650something, etc.

“Counterfeit” can be decent if the cells are in fact decent. Crap cells are those that are pulled from ancient laptop batteries and rewrapped as “new”. I got “genuine Liitokala” cells for <3bux a pop, knowing full well they were LiShen or equivalent. And they all clocked in at close to their rated capacity. Close enough, I still gave them 4 stars for trying. For the price, though, they were okay.

Prime cells, expect to pay maybe 4-5bux each. I got 30Qs from Fasttech without issue. Still using ’em in my Q8 (BTs) and in other lights (FTs).

The US-based companies that’ll be mentioned will pretty much guarantee legit cells.


Thanks Lightbringer, I just bought the set of 4 via the link you posted. Appreciate your help!


No worries.

Yeah, but I really don’t want to waste money or time experimenting with off-brand cells that may or may not be a bargain.

So maybe this Liitokala brand is one that’s worth trying some day?

On AX, if you look up the cheapest “LK” cells for 2-3bux a pop, they’ll undoubtedly be a rewrap of new cells. LK doesn’t make cells any more than Thorfire or Sofirn or other purveyor of rebranded cells. Test them immediately on receipt, and make sure they’re at least within 10% of the rated capacity. A lousy rating would make the vendor wail and gnash his teeth, so if you grex about it, you could almost always get a good chunk of change back, if not a complete refund. Pictures, pictures, pictures…

They ain’t LK, that’s for sure. It’s a buzzword like an “Ultrafíre” light. Sounds famous, so that’s how they brand it.

Not exactly…

Those are the counterfeits/fakes, trying to be passed off as 30Qs, HG2s, etc.

The ones I got were in the typische green panny-B livery, no claims to any “brand” other’n “LK”. Paid something like 2something each, so I knew they weren’t the aforementioned. They all clocked in almost to-spec, so no sand-filled 10440s or anything.

Like I said, probably rewrapped Lishen cells, new, commodity cells, decent enough for low-stress lights.

i would not try the magnets as button-top simulators, especially in a multi cell light.

i would either try them as is, or solder a little blob on the top, quickly

it looks like unprotected would be ok, usually it is, for flashlights

they seem to be in parallel where you could use 1, 2, 3 or 4 cells at once.
that probably will not affect brightness, but run time would change.


Today marks 8 days since I placed my order for this set of four 30Q batteries. Little did I know that China was going to start celebrating their National Day on the same weekend I placed my order. In fact, before I ordered it never even occurred to me to check to see where this company is located. I just assumed that it’s in the USA. Nope. It’s in Hong Kong!

So while waiting for the batteries (which might get here in another week or three) I received the flashlight, and it’s built like a tank! It feel like I could drive my truck over it and it wouldn’t be hurt in the least. So if it actually functions like it should, it will probably last me forever.


Yeah, I got a set of 30Qs that’s expected to ship tomorrow. They’re all hootin’ and hollerin’ and having fun, and only when it’s all over does the world start to spin again.

And yeah, it’s a pretty beefy light, no complaints here except for the UI.

Nice to know that this light is provided to us through: Quincy Technology Inc. Brighton CO USA.
Telling us: we have a joint-venture for manufacture in Shenzhen, China. That’s about all I could find.

In fact, that is even less than that other company. I think they call themselves Canada based.
Who apparently operated for years from an address in a residential area.
But now have facilities in other countries. Like soon to be opened in Berlin Germany. Under the balcony.

Well that’s more info than I could find about Teslacom. Though their add on Amazon screems: re-flow me

I was all excited when I got a huge 50% off Vipon deal on my first 18650 flashlight, and I knew I would want to use it ASAP when it arrived. So I ordered 4 batteries immediately, then I ordered a charger a week later. The flashlight arrived first, then the charger, but the batteries never shipped — so now I’m stuck waiting for batteries before I can use the flashlight or charger!


After waiting 5 days with no shipment confirmation from FastTech I created a ticket to ask them why my order still had not shipped. They ignored this ticket for another 6 days …

I finally lost my patience this morning because they have been so pathetically slow and unresponsive. It’s been 11 days since I paid but they still haven’t shipped, and I have received no evidence or communication to suggest that they might ship any time soon. Instead I discovered this notice on their website this morning:

They sure talk a good story on their website, boasting about how fast and responsive and professional they are, yet their real-world performance tells a much different story … at least in my case.

So I cancelled my FastTech order this morning (we shall see if they ever return my payment) and I placed a new order for a set of four 30Q batteries on eBay from ‘genele3’, a USA seller with a reputation for fast shipping:

Unfortunately after this disappointing experience I cannot recommend FastTech, nor will I be buying anything from them in the future. They may be a great battery supplier for some of you, but not for me.

In my opinion FastTech should have placed a PROMINENT notice on their website at least one week before the start of their National Holiday, alerting everyone that they would be temporarily “out of business” for this holiday and therefore unable to ship any new orders during the first two weeks of October. But they did not do this, and the result is that I wasted 11 days waiting for nothing.

I guess youll find out, potentially the hard way.

Most of the cheaply built clones use even cheaper components than the originals, typically use counterfeit/fake emitters, and blatantly lie about specs.

Personally I prefer to opt for something a bit more proven when im handling/storing a glorified pipebomb. Plenty of house fires and injuries caused by faulty, poorly made, and poorly handled lithium cells/electronics.

Wellp, that’s pretty much normal for any supplier in China. Their holidays are week-long, country-wide, and pretty much the whole world is supposed to know that.

They’re basically a drop-shipper, as they don’t have a FT warehouse here or there or anywhere, which is why you can get everything from plant-seeds to vape equipment to unmentionables. That’s also why there are so many issues with things being listed as “in stock” or “ready to ship” and then it takes 2wks for it to actually be shipped. What they’re told by the actual supplier is what they put in the listing. If the supplier lies or is clueless, then the info’s wrong. “It is what it is.”

My cells already shipped, I saw the pic of the actual package, etc., so they’re on the way.

Anyway, the point is, they ain’t Amazon. That’s why you can get things dirt-cheap halfway across the planet with free or at least close-to-free shipping, but you wait, and you take your chances. And I played the same game, “ETA 2 days”, then 2 days later, “ETA 4 days”, then 4 days later, “ETA 1 day”, etc., but they do eventually ship.

Btw, just because a cell clocks in at 3000mAh doesn’t mean it’s a 30Q, even if it’s in a pink wrapper. I got those cheepcheepcheep “LK”s that clocked in pretty close to that, but they ain’t high-drain.

Take close-up pix of the cells and send ’em to Barkuti. He’ll let you know if they’re legit. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I know, I buy lots of small stuff from China but usually I don’t mind waiting. This time I minded.

This is something else I did not know, along with the fact that they are a Hong Kong outfit.

Normally I buy from China suppliers on eBay, and if I fail to get a shipment confirmation in a day or two I cancel. This time I believed their claim that delivery should be on the 10th. Hah! My fault again for trusting what it said on my checkout page.

I ordered on September 29. You ordered after me, didn’t you? If so, I think they may have just screwed up my order. Or maybe they set is aside for a few days to punish me for creating a ticket asking them when they would ship!?

Will do, thanks Lightbringer.

Wellp, you could’ve/should’ve ordered from a domestic supplier, then, and paid extra for shipping.

That’s not intended as being snarky, just understanding/highlighting the differences between Business Here and Business There.

I got flattops and you got buttontops, 2 different types and possibly suppliers. I got the “ETA” thingy, too, for 3-4 days. Didn’t mind because I knew of the holiday and potential hangovers hangups.

No one would single out a particular package to “punish” anyone, anymore that someone at a mail hub would sit on your mail for a few days just for spite.

Hey, if I absolutely positively needed some 30Qs by the end of the week, I’d check out one of the domestic suppliers, one who guarantees next-day shipping (“order before 3pm and it goes out same-day!”), and possibly even pay for having it expedited. It’d co$t, make no mistake.

Don’t think I ever ever “needed” that, so I’m fine with ordering it at my leisure from across the planet and getting it cheap.

Worst case a nearby vape shop could supply a coupla 18650s. If you needed it, literally, same-day, that’d be an option. Expensive option possibly, but an option.

If you’ve been around here long enough, you’d see plenty of comments from people ordering from China and expecting Amazon-like service. Doesn’t happen, not at those prices. You want a-to-z, you gotta pay for it.

Their website fooled me. I thought it was a domestic company because most Chinese websites SOUND and FEEL like Chinese websites, but for some reason the site did not strike me as Chinese (or foreign in any other way) so I mistakenly assumed they were a US supplier. My bad.

I think I was 5 days in before I realized it’s a Hong Kong seller and the entire country was on holiday since the day before I ordered … :frowning:

Maybe a pissed off employee who got sick of reading all the “When will you ship my order?” tickets they’ve been swamped with and decided to take revenge? I know this is unlikely, but stranger things have happened.

I never even thought of this possibility. Good thinking! But now that I ordered from an eBay seller I’ll just wait. The frustration of not being able to use the light when it arrived has long gone, so it’s not as big a deal as it felt like earlier.

For all my general. NOT high output torches.
I just use the old Panansonic B’s.
Good capacity not high output. reliable.
Not exxy.
I’ve used them for yrs. never had a problem.
Usually the 30q”s for everything else. Coupla LG’s.
It’s hard to get much variety here in Aust
with our pricing.
specially with our 60ish c to your $$.
Everything near twice your price for same item.

You’ll get used th the 30ish day wait after a while.

You buy. you wait, wait. Forget…
Oh shit, I’d forgotten that one.

Just put it in drawer, they’ll get there quicker.

Usually it makes me happy to order stuff on eBay because it almost always gets shipped promptly. For example, the battery order I placed yesterday morning was shipped yesterday afternoon — and the USPS delivery estimate is early-mid next week because it’s a USA seller.


Regarding my FastTech issues, today I received a response to this ticket I sent them one week ago:

As Lightbringer pointed out earlier, this company is a drop-shipper … or perhaps a retailer that forwards our orders to their suppliers and then re-ships to us when they receive the stuff we ordered. Either way, this explains why the “stock” information on their website often cannot be trusted.

No big deal if you know all this in advance, which I did not. But now that I finally have a better understanding of what’s going on at FastTech, I may order from them again some day. Nevertheless I will be sure to avoid ordering the week before, or during, one of their holidays.