Recommended tail clicky 16340 lights?

I was going to suggest one, but hey, just get the shorty tube instead of the whole light. :laughing: Mix’n’match colors, even.

Easy to do an emitter-swap, and stick a nice TIR lens for throw or flood or anything in-between. The come-with 4C and a 60° TIR lens is nigh perfect for close-in work.

Also, some Solarforce L-series lights have / come with shorty tubes, as they typically would take a pair of ’123s.

I keep a Jet-II (twisty, nomem, start-on-low) in my bag as an emergency light. Quite nice, but not the modes you want.

A tailclicky 16340 (or even 18350) seems like a pretty tall order. Haven’t seen many at all.

Used EagleTac D25C Ti. clicky, or a new standard one?


The Acebeam TK16 is nice but a bit above your budget. Illumn does have a promo code that would bring down the price some though.

Solarforce is kinda obsolete now. But I’m glad I own a L2m and it’s been serving me great all these years. Running a xp-l hi 1a as a tactical car light.
The shorty L2M is a great light but I ended up using it as a full 18650 size due to its head bulk. Still wished I grabbed more L2M though.
Worse come to worst I’ll just customize a shorty from convoy

Jet-II do you mean from Jetbeam? Looks like a good small light that I can consider. Thanks for recommending.

Depending on if seller or Amazon ships this to Malaysia, I don’t think I’ll be able to get one i guess? :frowning:
Not too sure if D25C can do simple modes or not. Thanks for the recommendations

oof lookin premium there

Maybe you can find a sunwayman v11r. They were available for cheap less than a year ago.

I have a V11R lying around somewhere if you are interested.

I’ve got two and an M11R, but I think that they’ve dried up and they have the grease/ring issue down the road, so that might be problematic.

I love my V11Rs, but my ET D25C clicky Ti. is what I carry everyday. Less issues and it’s almost as bright…slimmer/smaller, as well.


Not sure if the Olight M1T Raider will be usefull for you due to the tint (cool white), but it has 2 modes only.
Some are Low-High (i believe you’ll still find it on sale), others High-Low.

Illumn has an old Sunwayman F10R for $15

I agree, love my d25c ti also, but you won’t find them for 30 bucks.

On the road M1 could be something for you.

The OTR M1 has 4 modes + strobe with memory, maybe not so much what OP is looking for!
Unless modded, of course :wink:
I still love that light!

If you find more accurate info, the On The Road 311 (2019) may be an option too!! :wink:

I thought the M1 had high to low mode order? Maybe this will be sufficient if it starts in high.

The On the Road M1, isn’t mate :wink: Here I have the beamshots for it! :wink:

The Olight M1T Raider, the first versions were L-H and lately were H-L.
I am not sure which are the current versions on sale :zipper_mouth_face:

Two suggestions more:
Crelant V321a (3 modes)

And the OTR M3 Pro, that is not a tail clicky but can be locked for 1 of the 4 regular modes + Turbo (through double click).
So you can have a lower mode (ML / L / M or H) and Turbo to use use it when needed.

I'd say a modded EagTac D25C. The Ti will be too expensive. Actually, the aluminum may still be.

Cool looking light. I keep being surprised by Crelant.

Hi guys

Thanks so much for the options you all gave.
I’m definitely leaning towards the Olight M1T Raider. Looks cool with the spiral body. And 2 modes exactly what I prefer too.
Doesn’t matter if it starts on high or not, inspection lights with just 2 modes are still better than fumbling with 5 mode 2 switch nonetheless hahaha

I can see many would want to recommend me OTR M3, in fact I do have this exact light but I destroyed it by dropping it into saltwater so it no longer works. :person_facepalming:
It is bare with no driver no LED and I never get to put a new driver in

But overall thanks a lot for the Olight M1T recommendations. Definitely looking into it right now

Go for it :wink: I think you’ll not be disappointed with the M1T!
I forgot to mention that it has forward clicky for momentary ON!
The Olight i3T EOS is the same type of light, using AAAs, with less output, of course!
Both are great :+1:

I believe the Crelant is an old model! But I may be mistaken :wink:

Sounds like you have a match. This thread can give some inspiration also Post pics of your favourite 16340 flashlights!