Red conversion

hello very new to all this but i want to beable to convert my cheap ultrafire zoomable to RED light it currently has a 19mm driver and an xmlt6 i think it will take a 16-17mm driver if needed and takes 20mm stars now what is the best driver and emitter (1mode)i can get for throw? i have been looking at xre r2 but it says dc 2.0-2.6 volt does that mean a 18650 will blow it?? or doesent it work like that? i think for a red led it will only handle max 700ma? is that right so i need a driver with that maximum?

cheers guys

First off welcome
Second use the search there’s many threads on red LEDs
Here’s the one I did with a qlite driver and a pt54 led that I cut down
Any 7135 based driver will be able to burn up the extra voltage
Hope this helps

ive searched all the threads but carnt find any links to what i need looks like a red xre is what i need, what driver will i need?

will this work with 18650?

and this driver

if not what do i need to look for in both? volts ma etc


Yes they will work together. You can drive that led harder. I’m running one on a 1.4a driver.