Replace Cree chip on Dcell powered torch

Hi all,

I have a torch which uses the chip as seen in the picture. I am not familiar with those chips and i am unable to identify it.

The small lens thing came off the chip.

The torch uses 3x D cell batteries (1.5V x 3).

I have seen few chips on aliexpress, the XTE or XTG.

Can you recommend a good replacement for this.


That is an old xre led, if money permits. Use xpl or xpg2 on dtp

i think that is a XRE.

it’s an older model

Yes, i bought that torch about 4 years ago.

Do you think this will work?

Will the D-cells support the XPL?

These are a few i found:

1) Cree XPG2 ebay

2) Cree XPG buyincoins 5W

3) Cree XPG Aliexpress

4) Cree XPG buyincoins 2

5) Cree XTE buyincoins

I would appreciate if you could tell me which of those would be the best fit.

i remember reading that the XTE gives a weird hotspot because of its unusual die.

but xpg 2 or xpe 2 should fit.

3 D cells should provide enough amp to XPL.

consider XML2 as well. do u care about tint?

many ppl like warm white.

i usually order emitters from FT coz i trust them. beware that there are some fake Cree on the market right now. see here

btw, how did the doom on the xre fall off?

did u drop the light or did u leave it on high for too long?

check underneath the star make sure there are some thermal paste there.

Thanks for the reply.

The light encountered a 3M drop and when i picked it up i could hear something was loose inside and i saw the small lens came off.

And yes there is white thermal compound under the star.

I would prefer to have warm white or natural white

Since the circuit inside is not changed. Xpl should be supported. Be careful though when buying because you might encounter fake leds

I saw online that some users have changed drivers. Will i need to change that too?

I would rather just replace the chip.

How about this one ?

I am using normal D cells (3x 1.5V) and i would like for it to last longer. meaning i would want the maximum hours of light using the 3X 1.5V d cell batteries.

well these two i have tried and i like the tint

and as far as i can tell, it’s real cree

xpg2 warm white

xml2 neutral white

hope this helps

Thanks for that mate.

Do you by any chance have any idea on the light time on Dcell batteries (3x 1.5V)?

If you want a natural white, go for 4C or 3B tint. 4C is the most popular tint.

If you want it to last longer, you will have to change more than just the LED. If you change the LED, it will most probably be brighter, but there is also a chance, that the runtime lowers a bit - depends on how the LED is driven (without any limiting, via resistor or proper driver).
No matter what, changing an XR-E with an XM-L2 will blow your mind :wink:

No need to change the driver, using the xml2 gives you a brighter light for the same runtime. Since xml2 is more efficient than xre

Thanks a lot guys.

I think i will go for the XM-L2 itself, just need to find the right colour. But the 4C that L4M4 suggested looks good.