Results: Testing XM-L, MC-E, SST-50, and XP-G emitters **Updated**


It's already been asked a couple fo times and I can't see a reply, but are you/would you consider testing a SST-90? The interest is huge because so many of the Chinese lights are under driven at 5-6As, where as the quailty units (Olight, VP2000, custom builds) hit out at 9-10 amps plus. It would be interesting though to see just how much difference it makes between the levels regarding lumens output. I shy away from buying the cheaper lights due to the amount of drive but if there is really little between, then maybe there is little reason not to try them.

I think he mentioned his power supply was maxed out w/ the sst-50 test

Thank you very much Match for the XR-E R2 results!

Was it an EZ900 or EZ1000 emitter?

I was inspired by Match's new guess-the-output contest...I plotted his XM-L test results along with Cree's data for T6 and U2 XM-Ls, accounting for thermal resistance. It's not 100% perfect [I made assumptions here and there for lack of data] but I was happy with how close the simulated data mimics the real deal (see chart 3; chart 2 refuses to cooperate). Data in bold font is overdriven territory-looks like Match got a high end T6!

Very Nice!

Not a diffrence the human eyethan pick up

agreed-I can *just* detect a difference in output comparing two of my Mags modded with T5 and T3 XM-Ls. Even then, I can't really account for how their tints (3C and 5A-ish) affect that perceived difference. Basically I had to find out if I could find out how well real life stacks up with Cree's data and vice-versa

Some of the images aren't visible, like XM-L and XP-G chart.

Can we have those back please?

Not sure why they disappeared, but I just fixed it.

What did you use to measure the lumens?

He used a home made integrating sphere.

holy goddamn thats awesome :smiley:

Need to get an XP-G2 to test now :smiley:

Yeah, when I first saw it I was amazed. Now I'm considering trying to make one. :P

Really great work Match. I agree that the star is a likely bottleneck but entirely appropriate for these tests. I saw a nifty thermal image showing star vs reflow to copper. I also wonder if die size is a factor in the ability to tolerate overdrive.

Thanks for the nice comments guys.

I’ve been off the interwebs for a bit….are these released yet?

I got a preorder notice from Cutter a few weeks ago.

Thank you Match for this great tests, I always check you’re lumen readings when I want to make a new flashlight mod… Very useful.

Thanks for the compliments.

Also, don't forget to check out the real potential of these emitters when mounted directly to copper. Test results here! (One of these days I'll get the direct to copper results of the xp-g, xr-e, and xp-e up there as well...)

Here's how I mounted it, and here is another successful way by Old-Lumens.

Great results!! Thank you!!! :smiley:
Match what xm-l did you useD?? and what tint was it??