[Review] Acebeam W30 LEP 21700 flashlight

Nice mate! Thanks for the wonderful review!

Thanks for the review. Been wondering what that beam was going to look like . Thanks again .

Some pictures - don’t know if it’s OK to post here, rip it out mod’s if it’s not. I posted it on CPF because it’s easy to post pix in the forum using Tapatalk - BTW would it be too expensive to have BLF have access to Tapatalk? W30 pix

Acebeam LEP


You should learn how to link images directly.

Huh? do you mean from where I posted them on CPF? because I just dropped the pictures into the tapatalk app on my phone, so there is nowhere to link directly.

It takes some finding out how to post pictures on BLF. But there’s a tutorial (link). In short, the pics should be hosted on a picture hosting site, you copy a URL directly referring to the picture, in the BLF editor click on the image icon, and paste the URL in the pop-op screen in which screen you can also choose at which size you want the picture to appear in your post.

Btw, your pictures are rather over-exposed in the hotspots, you can see the size difference of the hotspots of the BLF-GT and the Acebeam W30, but not the brightness difference.

Edit: my fault, I only looked at the two pictures that Blue re-posted, the full set on CPF provides a very nice comparison! :+1:

(pics from Glenn on CPF) BLF-GT / Acebeam W30, with 500mm zoomed camera.

W30 is clearly out-throwing the BLF GT. Wow! That beamshot could easily be mistaken for a shortarc light.

Yes I do know how to direct link pictures, but as you said they have to be uploaded somewhere on the web and mine aren’t, I have done and been able to do it since 2006 when I joined cpf, I just do it now through Tapatalk for ease and speed. And those two shots blue posted of mine weren’t the best to put here without the reference of the rest imo.
But thanks.

Do I hear requests for a 30 watt BLF version with zoomie lens? It sounds inevitable.

Ha ha good one! but yes I’ll be number 2 on the list……

And a nice Narsil driver……. I’m third in the list

impressive light.

i’m sure i dont need it, but IWANTIT

We’ve got a fourth interested ……maybe in a week there would be 500 interested ,that would make sense for a special blf edition LEP Oh yeah

Is the charge cable a micro usb or a usb c, I have a w10 and it is a usb c cable.

The supplied cable is a microUSB cable for charging the 21700 Acebeam battery outside of the flashlight.

Ok, got it. Thank you very much.

I can’t help laugh even with such throw. Just 500 lumens for that much throw, i reckon the whole 500lm or most of it would be absorbed by the air and you wouldn’t see anything even at 1km.
I know such throwers like klarus xt32 cant really throw its advertised 1km because of this. More like 400-500M max to the eye.

Is such a hunting tactical lep light possible with at least 2000lm?
I mean cant they make larger leps?

Well unless you use optics your not really going to see much detail at more than 300 meters with the naked eye, its more that the higher the lux the brighter things will be at say 300 meters and back.

To make it do say 2000lm I reckon it would be down to how much power they pump out of the laser as it is still only shining onto a phosphor surface - I think the W30 is at 12watts so you would need 48+ watts I’m thinking - so it might be a cross between how much power the laser can by law be sold at before it’s classed as a weapon (as it is in a lot of countries anything over .5 of a Watt) even though no UV comes out the front, As the laser light is bent by a prism onto the phosphor then sent through an aspheric lens I’m wondering if you put too much juice through the laser it might burn the phosphor? it would be nice and hot anyway, dunno.

I think its really awesome but I cant think of a real reason to have it. If it were priced less I would buy one but its not going to be in my near future. Field of view is just too narrow for me.

Got my W30 today. Have to say it’s not quite what I was expecting, in some ways worse and in some better.

1. It is not bright at all. There are better lights for bouncing off a ceiling or white wall to light up a room or tent.
2. It feels extremely high quality and is a little bigger and heavier than I thought.
3. When they say no spill they really mean it. This light produces the cleanest most perfect beam I have ever seen.
4. Compared to a normal flashlight like theTN40, the lack of spill helps keep your pupils from constricting, thus it’s extreme throw is greatly enhanced. There is less spill on this less than from professional dedicated throwers like the Maxabeam or the Nighthunter 1.
5. The reflection off a white wall up close is blindingly intense.
6. The beam is so tightly focused that it is mostly useless for what I would estimate to be 800ft and closer. About 900ft and beyond the beams width starts to become a bit more useful.
7. Even out to a full 1/4 mile the beam never seems to get any dimmer.

Well those are just my initial subjective impressions. Hopefully it won’t be raining tomorrow and I can go out and get some exact measurements with my lux meter, and some good beams shots.