Review : Amutorch JM70 xp-l hi , single cell VFM thrower

Do you have to cycle through STROBE to return to LOW ?!

If you leave the rear switch on , yes .
But if you turn it off from the rear switch , it will start at the lowest mode.

Just got mine, it does’nt act as yours at all…
3 modes, crappy spacing and no OFF mode frome the e-switch.
I’m disappointed

What are they thinking … :person_facepalming:

Mine was like yours too

I don’t have this light, but I do have an Amutorch AM30 (review) and it is a very solid light! Nice beam and output, very well built!

When reading some things above made me go to their page on AliExpress and check the specs on modes.
Not saying that what is happening with your lights is not “true”, it is strange indeed, as the “original” Amutorch JM70 has these modes:

This is the flashlight’s page:

The AM30 also has 4 regular modes, starting on 200 lumens, double click for turbo, 3 clicks for strobe, 4 clicks to (un)lock. Despite it is not a tail + e-switch light, I’m finding very strange passing the 1-2-3 modes and them strobe!

Is it possible that you have a “damaged” driver or switch that reads the 1+1+1 clicks as “3 quick clicks” for strobe?

EDIT: I also find it very “strange” to receive these lights under “Galuxia” brand/name… I received the AM30 in a Amutorch branded (with sticker) box. Maybe this has to do with being BG the seller, but…something doesn’t seem to be completely right here :expressionless:

Mine is totally different from yours :

Does anyone have this ‘’model’’ of this light ?

Red driver ? Different plastic on the switch ? I don’t know what to say :question:

Does your light has the UI that X3 mentioned ?

It have 3 modes and double fast click is strobo.
I don’t know what to say this is so confusing, my model can’t unscrew at tailcap believe it or not.

Mine it doesn’t unscrew either , i scratched the plastic trying to remove the pcb with the switch without success .

But we get replacement switch only question is now to change it :person_facepalming:

Does anyone contact store from Ali that MascaratumB gives ?

If not I will contact them and ask what the hell is happening here, why lights are different and what kind of mistery is this. Maybe they wont answer, but I will try.

Well, all the times I tried to contact them, they answered me, but I was buying from them directly.
I guess they will answer you as well! Be sure to explain what is happening and give them the link for this thread so that they can perceive what is going on.

Tom E removed his , as he mentioned he did spring bypasses .

Same UI as mine it seems, but the tailcap is different.
Mine does unscrew, but you have to use some force and it’s plastic so you might scratch it doing so.
A TA driver is on route for mine, with a black Liitokala and that reflector it should out throw my M3XS !

I contact them but so far no answer from their side.

@giorgoskok on turbo mode do you notice some timer ?

@X3 you mean M3XS-UT Javelot ?

@vidramon there is a runtime graph on the 1st post . No timed stepdown , it drops as the cell’s boltage drops.

Yes, Olight M3XS-UT Javelot. The reflector is wider and if I fed the LED through a FET it should blast some Cd !

I hav to make a little correction on what I said, on mine the double click does Turbo and triple click does Strobe.
Can’t wait to have my TA driver with Narsil to truely enjoy it :sunglasses:

’’Dear friend,Sorry for the confusion.
JM70 is our new product in 2017, had gone through two improvements. Because friends buy at a different time, there may be some differences with different tailcaps, with different mcpcb boards, with different modes etc.
About the sign on the box, Galuxia is also the trademark of our company. it’s brand Galuxia that makes on the flashlight, so Galuxia been written on the box.

The current sale of JM70 light is the same as the store described, low-mid-high-brightest(quick double)cycle -strobe(quick three click).
If have any other questions, Please let the friends in the forum contact me. ’’

can someone let me know if the driver retaining ring and side witch removable?

Thanks for your comment vidramon , i will add some of these info on my review , so future buyers will know .