Review and Test: Titanium AAA keychain flashlight

what is the UI?

medium and off?

It is one mode. So on/off. It’s a reverse clicky, if that matters.

Alright, so mine has a flicker.

I’ve managed to rule out the cell (freshly charged cells, multiple cells, etc.). I thought it was the tail switch but I bypassed that and still got flickering. It was happening before I reflowed a new LED, and also with each consecutive LED I reflowed.

So, the probably-knockoff boost driver appears to be of knockoff quality, would be my best guess.

This is a pretty simple board, though. Would it be difficult to design a replacement board to use a better boost driver? The output would still have to stay pretty low because of the heat path (or lack thereof).

Strange. Does the retaining ring make good contact with the driver? I also changed the led in mine but it does not flicker.

I would bet on that tail switch were it makes contact with the brass ring. Shine up the brass with find sand paper and then possibly add solder blobs to the switch ‘wing’ contacts.

Thanks to you both it was the driver retaining ring. Got better torque on it and got another probably 120° of rotation on it.-

I’m still interested in an imitation of this “driver” board - would be a neat way to make almost anything into a cheap AA (A) flashlight.

Edit: nevermind, played with it more and it still does it.

A uni-board LED + single mode AA/AAA boost driver? Honestly that’d be relatively simple and inexpensive. Same basic idea, and an even smaller board: Skilhunt E3A (AAA twisty) - First Look - #8 by gchart

I remember that! I had it confused with this driver in my mind, but knew I had seen a similar driver reflowed before.