[Review] ASTROLUX FT03S SFH55 - 9300 lumens - 924m - Type C - Anduril

Try these guys alofthobbies.com They seem to be able to deliver just about anywhere. The Samsung INR21700-40T 4000mAh or if you get the extended tube 26800 QB26800 6800mAh. They have a batch of the 26800 coming their way. This light wants/needs high amps the Samsung will push 30-35 amps and the 26800 will push 25 amps. I’ve got the 26800 cell in mine and it made the grip a little better with that slightly longer handle.

Thanks for the repy and link.
But like I said, it will cost me a total of $29 to buy that cell.

($8.30usd plus $14.85usd shipping converted to cad is $29.03)

I could buy a sofirn with cell included for a little more than that price, but I dont have any idea what the max continuous discharge is of any of their included cells and can only assume they are not going to be high enough.

Non of my current cells have any indication of what their max continuous discharge rate is, so I have no idea if they can be used, or what happens (assuming they shouldnt) if I try.
I really dont want to destroy one of my cells trying, and then also lose the use of the light I took it from. Then having to go through the same trouble trying to replace it.

Sorry to be such a bother, I just have nowhere else to turn for answers…

Please enjoy your time here, Obelisk!

I don't think that you're being a bother.

You're just asking reasonable questions, and BLF is the perfect place for that.

Don’t sweat it too much…not much risk, usually just a reduction in performance, run time, perhaps a little cycle life on a low performing cell. The driver circuitry is like a valve on a garden hose, so ultimately it will find a limit in most situations and while a low performing cell may get pretty warm, it isn’t going to create mayhem (and conversely, most of the time a high drain battery that can really let the juice flow isn’t going to damage anything in a light either, since the driver is the valve…sometimes when experimenting and modding you can run into situations where things get out of hand (expected) but in lights that you purchase, generally not ever a problem). So…in this case you will see a little advantage using a good cell that can deliver 15A when asked, but it’s also ok to use a normal 8A-ish cell in the light, too, no worries.

You might email Aloft to ask about actual shipping costs and such. I don’t know if they’ve changed anything but they said not long ago that their site software tended to kick out some really high international shipping rates and they could do better with manual determination. That 26800 cell is really nice, and it could be charged in the FT03 just fine (right now most regular chargers won’t accept the longer length of these cells)….would need that $15 extra tube, though, but maybe you can still find a discount on it here on BLF to bring it down to $10 or so. The light comes with a converter sleeve so you can use an 18650 if you want (or mine did…not sure if the sleeve included is still for 18650 or maybe 21700 but those sleeves are available really cheap almost everywhere for whichever size you want).

There is a dedicated thread on this forum about cell suppliers for Canada, too, if you search for it. Maybe some good outlets listed there. If you have any vape shops around, they often have good cells as well.

Obelisk, just in case you aren’t aware, we often are privy to some great coupon codes/discounts on BLF. Fin17 and Freeme both maintain large listings of codes for tons of lights and other things…many vendors do their own offers, too. Here’s Fin’s thread…he’s worth supporting and could really use the affiliate linking income right now (Ukraine citizen). He’s got the FT03 lights listed and also that 26800 tube if you’re interested (all from Banggood). If you ever want something that nobody is listing, send them a message and they can probably get a code even for non-flashlight stuff. Just so you never ever pay straight retail unless you absolutely must (esp on Banggood…). :slight_smile:

Thanks again for all the information Correllux.
Youve helped me a ton in the past and feel like I owe you a lot.
I am Obelisk BTW.
I made that account to be able to continue reading and still be able to subscribe to threads when I had yet another “mental breakdown” and bailed.
I thought I could continue on my own without posting or asking for any more help, but obviously not.
Felt wrong to start commenting and asking for help under a new identity though so Im back as myself again.


It turns out there is a vape store, literally within sight looking out my front window.
I dont vape so I never really took notice before.
Looking at their website they appear to actually have some “great”? cells.
If it turns out I can just walk accross the street and pick some up… oh man would that be amazing.
Will find out soon.

I just ordered a <a href=36.13€ |Convoy M21B taschenlampe mit GT FC40 hohe CRI ,21700 taschenlampe, mit 21700 batterie|Taschenlampen| - AliExpress> Convoy M21B with GT-FC40 and its inluded Liter-Cola 21700 cell.

Assuming that if it comes with this cell, it must be good enough for the light its being sold with.

It wasnt until after ordering I noticed this question on the page for it.

This seems to confirm some of my worries that certain combinations of cells and lights arent going to work for one reason or another.
Im thinking now I might be waiting on a shipment of disapointment? lol
As a result of the included littokalla 21700 not being “powerful enough”?

EDIT: It looks like I can buy 2 Wurkkos 21700’s for a good price.
I have one already that was Included with my TS21 and seems to work with it perfectly fine.
Maybe I should order these for use with both the M21B and FT03s?
I messaged Hank Wang about whether or not they would be suitable for his K1 and DM1.12 and he said yes.

Ive checked those threads out a few times and find them to be very confusing and I dont really undertsnad what im looking at.
I figured im asking for enough help around here, I dont want to start asking a ton more questions, so ive just kind of ignored those threads.

My appologies to The_Flashaholic and anyone coming here hoping to read about the FT03s for kinda hijacking this thread.

I am CRC2

Have you checked out www.18650canada.ca for batteries yet?

I bought some 30Q’s there last year. Out of stock for those but they have others cells available.

IIRC shipping was either cheap or free.

Theres a couple (maybe just one) threads recently talking about how people havent recieved their orders and that they dont respond to emails and seems people are pretty un happy with them recently.

Not sure I wan to risk it.

Edit: 18650Canada.com - #16 by MauricioOrtizBuitrag
18650CANADA.com never shipped order and wont reply to emails!

Different companies but easy to get confused.

The scammer is similarly named but based out of Calgary. Same name but .com.

The one I used and listed is from Brampton, Ontario. Have not heard of any issues with them, apart from what is/not in stock like everyone else.

Oh man, CRObeliskC! Be really careful with that self-smarting yourself thing. :slight_smile:

I just noticed that Simon has unleashed all the GT-FC40 lights…wow! Very tempted. I don’t know a whole lot about that emitter but it’s 12v, so the driver has to be the magical boost type. I see in one of his listings for a light that says a battery should be able to deliver 11A continuous…maybe those particular Litter Koala cells don’t? Sounds like the 40T/Molicel/Sofirn 4000 would be just fine, though. I would suppose that Wurkkos is just putting their wrapper on the same cells Sofirn sends out (no proof, though).

Those comments on the product page may be legit or may not be…sometimes hard to tell, and unless all Russians are really that harsh, maybe Ali’s auto translation leaves a little to be desired. lol. I’d search that emitter on here to see about reviews (for it or for lights with it), and I’m sure it was discussed on the main Convoy thread, so no doubt good information there from peeps and Simon as well.

For Fin/Freeme discounts, just find the product in their posts/images, and punch in the code at checkout on either Banggood or Ali (and if the code isn’t shown then ask in a post or send a message and they’ll message you the code…sometimes they do it that way instead of just sharing a public code).

Seems the video is broken. “An error occurred. Please try again”
But I recognize the quote/Rickyism from Trailer Park Boys.
Not exactly sure what you mean though…
(Forgive me, Im slow…)

Yeah, literally the day after I ordered the M21B with GT-FC 40 lmao.
Oh well, I think I would still have chosen it given all the options.

…Im gonna be pretty upset if the included cell doesnt work with it…

Worst case cenario I guess maybe I can the Wurkkos 21700 from my TS21?
Its listed here as “MAX Discharge Current: 10A (but it can handle max 15A)”
And 3C, (I’m still uncertain what exactly 3C means.)

And Im still not sure about these <a href=2 Stück Astrolux® C2150 5000mAh 3C 3,7V 21700 Li-Ionen-Akku mit hoher Leistung von 15A für Taschenlampen, RC-Spielzeug, Fernbedienungen und Gamepads. Sale - Banggood Deutschland-arrival notice-arrival notice>Astrolux Cells
They are also listed as being rated for 15A Continous discharge.
Assuming theyre good, I guess I could order them.
I just cant seem to find any 40T’s or Molicel’s available to me.
Or at least not at a price Im willing to pay.

Ahh, okay. Thanks.
I’ll have to check them out then.

Edit: MOLICEL/NPE INR-21700-P42A 45A 4200MAH - 18650canada
…$10 plus $15 shipping.
I just cant justify paying the price of a flashlight for just a cell.
Especially when I can buy so many flashlights with a cell included.
This is quite a bit frustrating.

Wow! That is quite an increase in shipping since I last used them. Oh well.

Not that bad . You can ship all those 18 cells left with the same $15 . You can fall in love with fireflies, they ship good 21700’s .

Maybe that’s why I thought the shipping was okay, I’d bought a dozen 18650’s. $15 would be a fair deal for that, not so much for a single cell.

Yeah, unfortunately im just looking for one.

I went as far as buying a L18 in order to get a 26800 and a way to charge it . For canadian, since aliya’s battery store and lucky store are no longer shipping to canada, it’s more expensive .

Capital “C” with cells stands for capacity (I think….heck, y’know I’m not positive about that, but it’s effectively the same). What that means is that 1C = 1 x stated battery capacity. So 1C with a 3000mAh cell is 3000mA….and 3000mA is just 3 Amps. 3C with that cell would be 9 Amps.

I think we talk about it more with charging, but it’s just a reference.

With the various manufacturer cell datasheets, they will specify with C when they are talking about continuous or max charge and discharge rates, and usually will tell you which discharge rate (and temperature) was used during testing to determine the total stated capacity of the cell. It’s universally a pretty low discharge rate, like 0.2C or 0.25C, because that’s easier on the cell and limits heat or internal resistance. Of course in real use, most of us ask a lot more from the cells, so that excellent 3000mAh cell might only give you 2800 or even less when worked hard under a higher current load.

So our 3000 cell is discharged from full 4.2v down to whatever they say in the datasheet (usually like 2.5v) at 0.2C….then after a period of rest they charge it back up at a similarly low current and the measured energy that goes in during recharging back to 4.2v is the stated capacity. The “C” for that 3000mAh cell at a 0.2C rate would be 600mA current.

In manuals for chargers or just general cell info, you’ll often see that something like 0.25C is best for cell life (overall cycle life)….so a smidgen of quick math and you can select the charging rate you want. Many cells will handle a lot more than that and be just fine. So a 4000mAh cell that is charged at 2A (2000mA) would be getting 0.5C charging rate. No problem at all for most cells. If the datasheet says 1C or 2C is fine and you are more concerned about charging time than cell lifespan, you can up the current and enjoy a quick charge. Those high rates of charge are best for the high drain/low resistance types of cells, though. But most smart chargers will take care of business nicely even if you tell them to do something dumb…so if you try to feed 2C into a cell that doesn’t like it much, various electrical aspects will be sensed by the charger and it’ll likely reduce the current on its own in favor of not harming the cell, despite what you told it to do. It may give it 2C for a few minutes or a half hour and then dumb it down some…or if the cell is happy it’ll sing 2C all the way until near the end of the charging cycle.