[Review] Beaconix PRO Plus (BX5) & PRO X (BX6)

I’m pretty sure the “Tony” in that marketing image is Tony Maglica. Seems pretty bold to use an image of an unaffiliated company. Maglite is also notoriously lawsuit happy.

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Well, everyone needs little side businesses?

You are right, it is. Just about sums Beaconix up then…

Just added Opple3 readings.

900m throw seem to be real.
Considering there is Sanan L50 LED inside probably around 1800LM is likely to occur.

That’s it. And the UI is terrible. H-M-L-stobo-sos. 2click when off = 100%.

So I wonder if the clones available at Ali perform the same. Hard to say… :thinking:

Yeah, that’s “Tony”. Here’s the original photo:

Beaconix is a scam, selling cheap no-name flashlights as their ingenious products.

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Oh, Tony is a famous person?
That makes the dad joke about Tony in the other thread that much better. :grin:

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So it is the same UI I posted lol, that was from the clone… so it’d be kinda safe to assume it is indeed the same. Without testing though, like you said, can’t be sure - but I’m pretty sure it’ll be the same light, same driver.

Perhaps you are right but that’s still kinda weird.
Asking BLF for an opinion seems to be a suicidal mission. Even worse. Just imagine you start a business and get negative opinion on popular forum. It is like shouting your own foot.

Let’s wait for Eugene’s answer. Silence will also tell us a lot.

Thank you so much for the review.
IU will be different in the big batch.

Here I have attached the UI diagram that our engineers have developed for most of our models.

Please give your comments.

Our brand is positioned in the middle price segment. We are also registering the brand in China to sell on Aliexpress. The price will be lower there.
And also our idea to set up our stands with flashlights in construction stores so that the customer has the opportunity to choose our product for 25-50 dollars instead of plastic Chinese flashlights.
We are not trying to compete with Olight, Nitecore, Fenix, etc. These brands are bought by knowledgeable people. I use these flashlights myself.
But the average buyer can not afford such expensive flashlights.

Well, our flashlights have a wide range of beams. From a wide 1m beam to a narrow 2km beam.
This allows us to occupy our niche.

Yes, still no word about rebranding cheap Noname-lights…

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Yeah, sometimes when a company’s spokesperson doesn’t answer a crucial question, they’re still providing an answer, if you know what I mean. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think it is not worth to discuss about these rebranded lights, at least they did not release any fully self-made model. At least the LED is not the worst choice but also not the best (likely greenish tint)

I keep seeing it getting mentioned, but I don’t see you addressing it…

Who is the “Tony” in your promotional literature and what is his relationship with your business?

damm imalent should sue them for that screenshake

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talk about unusable ui’s. press to enter strobe ? why is it two presses to turn on. odd design choice, if your company designed the light at all

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Its a scam

Our company takes the existing models of flashlights as a basis. These are not the cheapest flashlights. This is the best quality of flashlights that are not inexpensive.
We want to improve them with UI, components, instructions and packaging.

Tony is our inspiration.

double-click to turn on the flashlight to prevent it from turning on by itself in the backpack. This is instead of locking the flashlight.

The strobe light is switched on with a triple press.

If you have any thoughts on this, we are willing to discuss the UI. I have sent the logic file for this purpose.

If we wanted to scam someone, we certainly wouldn’t have sent our offer here, but run facebook ads for the $3 flashlight.

ive misread the ui chart sorry

UI: we got Anduril, drivers with several modes, lights with all kinds of controls, with ramping and customizable modes… good luck with this. Btw, Strobe is not part of a good UI in case you want to address also flashlight enthusiasts…
Components: unless counterfeit components from dubious sources are used, the quality of electronic components is no longer a problem these days. So, what is the KSP here?
Instructions: are mandatory if you want to launch a product in the global market. And should hopefully also be mandatory elsewhere. So, no KSP, but only a necessary thing.
Packaging: lol. A pack should fulfill its purpose and not serve as a key selling point, because it never is. As long as the product is well protected and the print doesn’t look too ugly, it is fine and absolut sufficient in it’s purpose.

I would rather see a truly self-developed product (and yes, the product is more important than anything else) that is better than the competition in terms of light, housing, electronics, general quality and quality assurance, marketing (yes, there is plenty of room for improvement here too)

So “inspiration” is the reason to use copyrighted material from another company in your own advertising brochures? Or do you get permission from Maglite to use this picture in your catalogue?

This is hilarious, this is not your factory or your employees. Thank you to educated BLF members for catching the fraud.

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