review: Black Water Kite

big cardboard box (white side inside)
correction to a fenix pd35

usually ot matches the numbers from olight, nitecore, and other “good“ companies quite well

my 50cm styrofoam ball waits to be converted in a sphere some day…

did they add in a low voltage cut off for this light?

Wait, in the pic showing the LED, what the heck is going on with the ‘solder joint’ on the left? :open_mouth:

What’s the problem with the ‘solder joint’ on the left? You mean the via that isn’t soldered? There is a pin going through there and bent from the button snap dome. It’s not meant to be soldered. Better if it’s free to shift a little as the button is clicked.

the pat is not electrically connected
i am sure its allowed to move to compensate the switch action…

Ahhh. I see it now. Yes, it’s from the switch which already has one leg soldered. Thanks!

The Stainless Steel version is currently on offer for 35 USD;

EDIT It’s even cheaper at GearBest at 32 USD

(Nomex suit on) It looks like it is charging with nothing connected to the positive end of the cell?

The battery is inside the tube… no need for nomex suit

I was wondering how it charges with no contact on the positive side.

Thank you!

what you see is the LED+ contact
LED/ bat - is the tube
bat+ is connected inside the tube to the pill
that spring is shown in the 3 pictures above the one you quoted



Mine is the CooYoo Quantum but same thing as Black Water Kite.
The one I bought had bad battery, so I ordered 2 new batteries.
They finally came today after like 40 days.
Now the *&%$#@ spring has come off the inside at the positive end.
How do you solder it back on when it does not appear to be able to remove driver?
Can’d get solder tip down in that small tube and no way to hold spring still even if you could get in there.

Crappy engineering.


i´d say you have to remove the driver…

try to pull off the insulation on the head side and see if there is any clue it comes out completely….