“REVIEW”: BlitzWolf BW-ET1 – 1 or 2*AA /// 1*14500 Flashlight – 600lumens [PIC HEAVY] ***(+ discount codes)***

Could someone get two spacers and run 3 * AA in this light?

Yesterday I picked the BW-ET1 and “tried” to dismantle the head to accesse the driver…
But…this is what I found :person_facepalming:

Sorry, but not even in the name of flashlight science I will pass this stage, I would probably ruin the driver and the light!
maybe later, if I have the guts to do so, I will rip it off in any way :nerd_face:

wires are still in contact with driver and it should still work…. dont panic

i mod many lights with e-switch and it’s normal :smiley:

Yeah, it works perfectly, but the driver has all that white glue or silicone or whatever, so I didn’t push or pull anything!
It was a open and close surgery only :smiley:
I thought it was more “clean” to get to the driver, but…I was wrong!
If I was sure that any of Lexel’s driver would work here (and if I was sure that I would put this back together), I would try it but this way…

I’ll think about it for a while :wink:

it looks like they injected glue inside to driver to hold the driver in place.

Most flashlight have retainer ring on the driver to hold them in place :beer:

Yup, precisely, I thought that even with the retaining ring it could be a “press fit” driver, but it is full of glue.
And the glue seems to be tough, not soft one…

I’ll see if I manage to unsolder the switch, take the glue of and then, see if I can get the driver OFF.

But…the MCPCB is also glued… So, I expect this to be quite messy :expressionless:

I’ll examine mods with other e-switch drivers to check if this light would take one…maybe for 1 or 2 14500 batteries :smiling_imp:

It doesn’t look like it to me. Looking at MascaratumB’s photos, both tubes have external threads at both ends. To be able to chain tubes for 3×AA, each tube would need to have an internal thread at one end and an external thread at the other.

I like the idea of a 3×AA light, too :slight_smile:

The original Olight S15’s could use 3 AA’s with extension tubes.

Just ordered the Blitzwolf flashlight. I’d rather have that not be glue under the power button. Maybe it could be thermal grease?
Nice overall review.

Hum, my guess is that it is glue, not thermal grease! It is very dense inside the head host, and it can even be seen next to the MCPCB.
I believe that it is some sort of glue or silicone, maybe. It may take a while to take it out , in case of doing some mods!! :expressionless:

EDIT: And thanks for your words :wink: :blush:

Thank you - I had a vague memory of a light like that, and the S15 is the one I was thinking of. If memory serves, when Selfbuilt reviewed it, he found that it was OK with 1×AA and good with 2×AA, but strangely inefficient with 3×AA.

I didn’t see the point of that, so I never bought one. If I’d been thinking, I’d’ve bought one and used it with all the extensions, but only 2×AA and an AA short-circuit spacer. I like long lights, I always feel like I’m going to fumble anything less than about 125mm.

In name of the flashlight science…I endep up opening the BlitzWolf BW-ET1 :person_facepalming:

Here are some photos after opening it!
Major surprise for me: the LED plate is not MCPCB, it is 1mm aluminium thickness, 16mm diameter .
All that stuff was “glued” with some sort of silicone. It was easy to remove it from the driver, after I took it out.

I ended up damaging the driver a little bit.

BUT, I have a major question now: where can I find a 17mm driver that will fit this light (and that can be “attached” to the side e-switch ) and that can be used with 1 or/and 2 14500 Li-Ion batteries?

I wanted to do one of the following things:
a) turn this into a triple, or,
b) use this with a XHP led, or,
c) simply used this with a LED that can be used with one or 2 Li-Ion batteries!

I am ignorant about some of these things of drivers, so I appreciate some help on what can be done to mod this light :wink:

Thanks in advance :+1:

lexel can build a driver your u 2 x14500 Li-Ion to run XHP with narsil ramping UI.


it should cost around 15 bucks

Hum, gotta make some measurements then! :+1:
I tried a 17mm driver I have from Lexel, and there are 2 problems: the driver’s width must be bigger (18 or 19mm, or eventually 20mm so that it fits perfectly on the head); the driver must be single sided :person_facepalming:

I don’t know if he does single sided drivers, but the chips on the back of the driver will certainly be a issue to make this mod!

BUT I like the idea of having Narsil running on this and a XHP (maybe XHP35 - HI or XHP70.2 NW) on this!

Thanks for the tip Nico :wink: