Review: Coast LED Lenser Mini Tac Torch

Just wondering since he said it looked like a AA would fit with half an inch to spare...

No, he said the whole light is the size of a AAA but slightly longer.

14650 would totally work. You'd just need to go at it with a vegetable peeler for a bit. That's totally a good idea, right?

Oops what have I been smoking today... hehe... :D

Thanks for straightening that out for me

I stared at that post for way too long ....HUH ???

220...221..whatever works ..

The mini torch illuminate great light.


The mini torch illuminate great light.


Since my credit card was billed, but I didn't ever receive a confirmation email, I decided to give Coast customer service a call to see what was up. The lady I spoke with was pleasant and competent, and I waited on hold for all of 15 seconds before getting through. Excellent service from Coast in that regard. Anyway, she apologized for the lack of email, and confirmed that my order had been placed, abd was already on it's way to me. Out of curiosity, since there seems to be some kind of mystery as to what you get sent, I asked if she knew what had been mailed out. She was kind enough to tell me it was a Coast Mini-tac 7830, and was pretty sure it was an AAA version. Good deal for $3.50 to my door.

7830 might mean this too ->>

Whatever they send everyone seems to be happy campers ..My mom said she can't push in her clicky and wants to trade for an easier clicky light ..I'm excited to get her little red AAA mini tac back .i kind of like the red ,

i got the g10, looks almost like the one in the op, but has a red ring on it... im happy as can be

oh yeah, came in a nice black gift box as well

They changed them a little, I think I like the smaller one better.

I like the nano tac too ..but maybe that's because I have more mini tacs and am looking for a back up keychain light .

So..... my light from Coast arrived safely today. Turns out they sent me the AAA G10 (with the red ring), along with a Duracell AAA battery. Not bad at all for $3.50 shipped to my house.

I got mine in the mail today. Looks like this one. Can't beat the price.

the one i got was just like e1320 posted, same gift box, battery, light... i have noticed a few things playing with this that kind of confused

i have 2 joye (e cig branded, blue wrapper, icr10440p) branded 10440s.

one, the charger says is not fully charged. i pop this one in and its about as bright as the duracell aaa that came with it, maybe a little brighter but id need 2 side by side to tell

two, the charger says its fully charged... pop it in, and... light is very dim, and dims very quickly.

i said $#!T... it was only 3.50 but still...

so i grab the duracell and pop it in, and its fine...

only thing i can figure is the "full" battery is failing one way or another. gotta check that with the mm tomorrow

other observations is...

the body is well made, little to no machining "flaws".

the switch feels good turning on. but once on it feels flimsy. slack, wobbly, loose.

the tint is cool. im no expert on tints, but its the bluest i have...

all in all, im getting another "free" light. well worth the money. you need a light, blue tint and wobbly switch dont matter to all the other qualities

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When I purchased my P17 (before I became enlightned) it came with a coupon to send in for a free flashlight. Sure enough; a few weeks later this little guy came in the mail. It's quite a stout flashlight. I was expecting a thin-walled aluminum tube, ala Solitaire but this thing is real - just smaller. (and dimmer but great for intended use)


Hey, its Dr.Dre, yo!

Anyone know which one they're shipping at the moment?