[Review] Convoy S12 ( 3 x SST-20 / 219C, 21700 ) - Output, Power and Thermal Regulation Tests!

I feel flattered when someone posts videos I made. Thanks for posting them. :slight_smile:

In my beamshot comparison, my guesstimated lumens (Convoy S12 with 3x SST20-4000k) is somewhere around 1300+ lumens, definitely not more than 1500 lumens.
*guesstimated = based on comparison with flashlights that indicate lumens values (but I don’t have a way to directly test lumens either…)

I’m getting just around 5.5+ Amps on the tail current (using Liitokala Lii-40A 4000mAh 21700 battery, Those are the ones I used in the above video)

another comment on the 21700 body tube:
The Convoy S21A, M21A, M21B, L21A, (these 4 flashlights use 21700) body tube will not accept the slightly thicker Lii-40A 21700 battery, but the S12 body tube is a bit bigger and accepts the slightly thicker Lii-40A 21700 battery.

I was about to order S12, but on 30% level output S12 is lower then S21A at same mode.
According this review Convoy S21A (Short Technical Review) S21A has 683 lumens at 30. S21 estimated has 500 lumens at 30.

@bilakos10, could you do some measurements? I need bezel depth from edge to pcb support plate and locking ring height and smaller internal diameter.

i’m interested at the runtime in medium?
i’m a complete noob, so can i just divide the ampere power of the battery (18650/15A) through the 1700mA and then ending in a running time of about 1.5 hours?

Yes, calculating the runtime of a fully regulated mode (high, medium, low) just requires to divide the battery's capacity by the current draw.
Let's assume we got a 4500mAh cell.

Runtime (High) = 4500 / 1730 = 2.6 Hours
Runtime (Medium) = 4500 / 140 = 32 Hours
Runtime (Low) = 4500 / 9 = 500 Hours

So far I loved using the S12 sst20 2700k, it doesn’t hurt my sight and it probably much comfortable than the 6500k tint. Very small, I mean compact style and design, knurling and fins I like it.