[Review] Convoy S12 - the best Convoy's flashlight?

Convoy Flashlight Store on Aliexpress has the 12 Mode models.

ah, found it. thanks :+1:

If you’re ok with the S12 size, definitely go for it. For flood beam, Nichia option should suit you, or you can get LH351D option for high CRI and neutral tint, it gives nearly 2000lm as well.
Compare those 3:

thanks, appreciate the advice and the image. looking at the size, i’m considering a sofirn IF25A. it’s shorter than my S2+ :open_mouth:

cheers :beer:

Thank you for the review. I like your to the point style.

After learning about Emisar doing mixed emitters, I asked the Convoy store if I could buy an S12 with mixed emitters as I noticed they had LH351D versions in 2700k, 3500k and 4000k. The reply was “uh ,no”. Custom emitters must be exclusively an Emisar thing.

Was this with dome on or sliced?

I don’t know about mixed emitters, but I’m pretty sure you can get S12 with 2700K or 3500K if you ask - I got mine with XPL-HI (great choice btw)

No need to ask as those options have their own listing

Thank you very much for this fantastic in depth review :+1:

Thanks for the review and beam shots.

Nice review. If I might make a suggestion, I would suggest an update, letting people know that they don’t come with a spring bypass anymore.

To add to my previous comment, the o-ring from the bezel ring is absent on mine, as well as the screws that should hold/apply pressure on the LED copper plate.

SST20 4000K or LH351D 4000K? I have a few lights with LH351D and I’m more than a pleased with the quality of the CRI, but want to try something different like SST20. Pros and cons of both LEDs in this particular model?

SST20 has higher CRI and R9 (deep red), but can be very green. Nowadays 519A is the way to go, it has higher output than SST20, slightly higher CRI, and way better tint.

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Simon doesn’t have S12 with 519A, only with SST20, LH351D and 219C…

Usually if you DM him he can accommodate you. Either he will tell you to note the request in the comments when you checkout, or he will ask you to wait for him to update the listing/put a new listing in.

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Thanks, what you recommend me, S12 or S21D?

I never owned the S12 so I don’t know how it’s like - mostly the beamshape will be different. S12 triple emitter reflector vs S21D quadruple emitter TIR lens. S21D has different angle lenses that you can change easily. S21D is my favourite Convoy flashlight of all time, however it is quite floody even with the 10 degree lens. S12 is more throwy I guess, but like I said I never used it so I don’t know.

There is a big thread about S21D here: Convoy S21D w/ legendary Nichia 219b :) - Review & comparison w/ Nichia 519a, E21a & other lights with Nichia LEDs incl. Emisar D4V2, Convoy S21F. (Summary & measurements on P. 1)

In it you can find beamshots and more. I suggest you compare the beamshots and try to make your own decision.

They both use the same driver now so runtime performance will be identical. It’s really just a matter of which beamshape you prefer in this case.

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In general I recommend TIR lights over reflector lights in high CRI applications; the TIR does a much better job of blending the different tints emitted by the same LED and making a homogeneous beam. With reflectors you get neutral hotspot, yellow ring around, then purple spill. I’d go for S21D.

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