“REVIEW”: DQG Slim Ti (1/2 AA and other batteries) ***[DISCOUNT CODE ADDED - 05/22/2018]***

Nice petite, but a little expensive, light.
How will it do on a CR2A primary (½AA sized non rechargeable 3 Volts lithium) battery?

I didn’t try it on those batteries, not even on the 14250, as I don’t have none! I believe the behaviour in terms of output will be somehow in the middle of AA and 14500s.
But can’t be sure :zipper_mouth_face:
This is a nice flashlight, despite it’s price! I would use it more if I have the smaller batteries … :weary:

You don’t use Lithium primaries for high output, because they can’t deliver the current, voltage will sag dramatically.
You should use it with a boost driver (like you would with 2x AAA)

The nice thing about primaries is that they will keep their charge for some 8 years or so, and they have relatively high capacity (mAh)
Perfect for glove box, kitchen drawer or purse lights that you don’t use often.
CR2 lights are rare. CR123A lights are more common.

Not sure if there are any *R*CR2 (rechargeable, higher current) batteries available.
Probably, but maybe not with exiting specs…

(EDIT)Hmm… Just read that CR2 are 15270 size. 1mm wider and 2mm taller than 14250.