Review: Fenix TK41

Nice review but that's what has put me off Fenix... my TK45 is horrible green compared to my other lights. 41 is a great looking light though!


I updated to include water testing. No ingress at all under spraying water or in the sink.


Budget is all relative I guess. Def of budget - reasonably priced. 8 x AA form factor (haven't seen this from the usual budget MIC brands). It is not a small flashlight, there is a lot of aluminum and its built is good. Equivalently sized in the MIC world would cost at least $60-80.

My Lightpipe LP-250NS costed me $425. It has risen to 550 now. Shipping alone costed me the price of this TK41! It has a 5mm arc length, 250W and able to sustain 45-50 mins of burn on its Li-ion. If i go to the HID world of above 100 watts and on the ground of performance, that is budget. $425 can't even get you the parts alone shipped.

Another angle - the Yao's 35/80W MIC clone (55W for the clone) costs $52 and 32 shipping via EMS to here. That's $84. We take it as 45-50W coz auto HIDs always get underspec-ed. We need 5 lights to equal the LP-250NS. $d84 * 5 = $420. And that is using a small 5.5AH SLA, not Li-ion. In that sense, it is already on a budget.

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1) It's a slogan, not a rule.

2) While it's true that 'budget' lights are the primary focus of BLF, as others have pointed out, we all have different budgets.

3) Unlike another forum, this one has an open minded admin and as a result, it tends to attract mostly free thinking and open minded members. Witness the reasonable answers to your question. Imagine the response you might get elsewhere should you try posting a similar question there.

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Foy, Good to know it is H2O-proof, thanx.

That light is pretty awesome. I can't believe how cool it stays after tailstanding on high! Would love to see the pill and internal heatsinking on this bad boy.

Very nice review Foy, as usual! Thanks a lot! We now have a Fenix review on the frontpage. Looks like a real beauty. Drop that price down to $30 and I'm all over it. :p That'll be the day!

Thank you sb, I appreciate it.


Interesting question too. I personally would never spend $100+ on a flashlight, but then again I am an incorrigible tightwad. Nevertheless, I do find these reviews of premium lights to be VERY interesting, and even more so when it comes from an enthusiast of budget lights. I think the comparisons are very useful. This Fenix is a real beauty, but I think the comparison beamshots show that the budget $22 - $40 XM-L models, while noticeably less bright, definitely hold their own against this premium product.

Again, thanks for the review Foy!

And one niggle: Why couldn't they make the Fenix TK41 label line up axially with the two switch buttons? That would drive me crazy every time I look at it.

Ah, and a big thanks to trooplewis for kindly loning out your light for review!

That has to be one of the most positive negatives about anything.

"What I don't like about it"

"It isn't mine" :)

Do we see one of these in your future?


No, not in my immediate future anyway. I'm not above spending a little if I happen to have it at the time (which isn't very often any more) but my days of pricey torches are probably behind me for the most part. That's why I jumped at troop's offer to review it. The "Budget" part of BLF seems to suit me economically quite well.


Can you talk about the benefits/negatives compared to the TK35? From what I gather, it's a great thrower, physically intimidating and uses more common AA batteries, but is less compact, doesn't have a clicky and more unwieldy.

In Short..


  • Very throwy - as good as a catapult V3
  • Side switch - comfortable grip for a torch of this size
  • Really good tailstanding
  • More throwy, but somewhat less suited for illumination of short-mid distance (doesn't have a very usable corona, tight hotspot
  • Aesthetics - I prefer the look of the TK35, TK41 is practical and nice to hold
  • Uses AA - depends on what you normally use, NiMH or LiIon
  • UI is the same between the two - great UI IMO
  • Beam tint is typical XM-L not excessively cool, but still a cool white.

Its interesting that the the new TK60 is $10 cheaper than the TK41. The head and electronics look to be the same. The output is the same (technically the tk60 is speced virtually imperceptibly better) Perhaps its the result of not having to engineer the battery carrier? The Tk60 is huge with 4 d cells but you do get more run time. I wonder how well it would run with AA nimhs in d cell adapters. Do D cell nimhs handle high current draw better than AA's or is the only difference capacity? If you want a huge light, the Tk60 is an alternative to the TK41. Curious to see how the Tk70 comes out. It esentially takes the tk60 body and mates a jumbo head on it with 3xXM-L.

I think AAs are the better engineered battery because they are used more often. Even though 4xAA uses less volume than 1 D cell, you can get a similar capacity (about 8800mA from 4xAA Turnigy LSDs) while a D cell can be up to 10000mA but not guaranteed.

I believe if you can get your hands on 4x AA parallel adapters or even make your own, it should be pretty straightforward. 4xAA is bigger than a D cell alone, without any carrier frames, and the TK41 has a bit of battery carrier wobble while it was in the body, so there should be enough room for slightly bigger carriers too. Unless they used a narrower internal dimension on the TK60.

Hi Foy, did you try measuring the standby/parasitic drain of this TK41 (assuming you still have this with you :))?

I read somewhere the previous TK40 had a higher than average drain of ~400uA and would be completely flat in ~1.1year without lockout. Not a good choice for an emergency light.

A guy on CPF had the same concern, but measured the TK 41 and got this;

TK41 the parasitic drain is 0.053 mA or 53 micro amps which is hardly anything , the TK40 was 0.400 mA