“REVIEW”: Fireflies ROT66 Generation II – 10000 lumens – 3 x 18650 – 12 x SST20 5000K – Aux Leds – Anduril – [Pic Heavy]

Thanks for your words Artiet59 :wink:

Well, I should have asked for a different type of LEDs for mine as the SST20 are greenish in lower levels. XPL-HI or 4000K SST20 would have been a better option.

What do you mean by trim screws? :neutral_face:

As for the current drain, I normally don’t pay much attention to that as I leave my aux leds OFF. Only if I really need them for a special thing I turn them on (locating the light during the night) but normally I don’t need them.

I perceived that aux leds lighted switches drain “too” much current most of the times, so I tend to leave them OFF on purpose.

Also, I am not sure of how could I measure the aux leds current drain in this light, but if someone gives me the tips, I can try to measure it! Thanks in advance :+1:

MascaratumB - yes the xpl hi are really nice in this one, I have the 5A 4000k and they are my second best tinted leds of all my xplhi 4k lights, and of my lights in general.

the trim screws I meant to say are the screws on the mcpcb that control Aux Led output, like seen in the mf01 mini (and others, but that is the only other light I have owned that has them).

Since posting my last comment I have adjusted the purple and blue all the way down in the green all the way up an output and the parasitic drain has been much less. I haven't measured it but I have noticed by checking battery voltage that it's not draining as fast. So that is great news, because I love this late and I like having the auxiliary LEDs on.