Review: JETBeam SRA40 (XM-L2 T6, 4x AA)

it is now available at wallbuys:

An excellent and very useful review. Muchas gracias. :beer:

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I'm only a few years late but I got my SRA40 today. It is by far the nicest 4xAA light I have in my collection and the fact that it has a charging port is a real bonus. There just isn't any 4xaa light in my collection that is built anywhere near to the solidness of this light. I have a DA40 on the way, but from the pics alone I can see it won't be built like this light. I think this light is going to make the perfect christmas gift for a couple of people.

better late than never! :slight_smile: Glad to read you liked the light. Enjoy it!

After getting your D40A, do you still feel the SRA40 is superior? Seems like there’s a notable weight difference between the two (DA40 - 165g; SRA40 - 245g)

Sure looks like an XML2-U2 and not a T6 in the pictures. Great light regardless.

No not anymore really. What I do like about the SRA40 is that it does not have a battery cage, UI very simple, lighted battery indicator and that it can charge in the wall, but bummer that it doesn't have usb charging.

D40A has a nicer beam and purer white, ss bezel looks nice, far slimmer and light, moon and beacon mode. If I had to choose, probably the D40A overall, but for a gift to someone, I would always choose the SRA40 as the battery cage on the d40 can be very annoying for someone that wants a really simple light.

Thanks. I decided on the D40A, because the battery cage isn’t an issue. Looking for a replacement to an Olight S35 Baton that was lost (that has a battery cage).

D40A is the better light, your going to like it.

You're right. I just got it. Seriously good build quality for the price. Interface is a little strange at first. Definitely needed to read the manual to figure it out, but didn't take too much to do so. Some nifty features embedded in that UI, like the police strobe. Brightness level steps seem well spaced. Nice tint. I like how moonlight mode is in the memory group. Unfortunately it's all a bit complicated for a flashlight novice, so I won't be giving this for a gift (can only think of 1 person I know who'd be comfortable with it). Truly excellent form factor. Excellent steady tail-stand. Feels smaller than my Nitecore EA4 (also 4xAA). Battery cage is very nicely constructed--not worrying about this one developing cracks.

My only gripe would be the button cover. Looks like a slick adhesive backed strip of plastic. I'd have preferred metal or firm plastic discs.

Was wondering about the button cover myself, it looks fragile at best but so far it seems to be holding up. Never was a fan of the high to low instead of low to high UI but overall not really a problem by any means.

Saw a guy post on CPF about this… he was a heavy user of his D40A and the button cover cracked. But he was able to get a replacement cover from Sunwayman last February, so they’re still stocking parts — good to know that this company stands behind its products like this.

Thanks, may need one in the future too. In case you didn't know, a bright red led between the two buttons lights up when the battery voltage is low.