Review : KDLITKER C8.2 , 1*18650 xhp50.2 flashlight

I’m just personally not very interested in the XHP35-HI version. I jumped on the first C8.2 because I tend to reach for high output lights because they’re fun. It also suits my purposes because I didn’t need throw, but I wanted at least a little more reach than my BLF A6. To me, the C8.2 with the XHP35-HI is in a weird spot because it’s a large emitter made for more throw, but the C8.2 doesn’t have a reflector large enough to really leverage it and you’re probably getting less throw than something like a D1S. So it’s basically for people that don’t need an incredible thrower and value overall brightness, but feel the XHP50 variant is just a bit too floody. Again I’m not one to value throw highly, but if I were to use the XHP35-HI I’d get it in a larger reflector

I do love the C8.2 though especially how it barely warms up even when hitting 2k lumens. The beam is very like the BLF Q8, but in a smaller form-factor. It is sad to see people experiencing issues with Kaidomain though. My only issues have been slow shipping times and missing or unusable tracking #s.

Just to update.

Have heard nothing regarding my replacement drop in, no tracking, no email correspondence, nothing.

About to open another PP claim because this is beyond ridiculous

I just got my C8.2 xhp50.2 in yesterday. It’s awesome.

No problems what so ever. I put a Nitecore 3400 18650 in it. Throw and flood is better than I could have imagined.

These new led’s/lights have completely amazed me.

The C8.2 is one cool light.

Man I’m happy for you, I wish mine worked but things just haven’t worked out. I had no recent correspondence regarding a replacement so I filed a charge back through my credit card company per PayPal.

Still sad it didn’t work out, but I guess I’ll just turn it into a xpl-hi and fet combo

Would anyone know if in HI mode this light has a timer to step down?

I looked on their site and found nothing.

Apparently not, I believe it employs the H1-A driver, and there’s nothing shown about step down in its description either.

According to this statement in post #57 of this thread the H1-A doesn’t have step down, only LVP@3V:

“H1-A maintains regulated output until input voltage hits 3V, at which point it begins to taper the output down as to maintain the 3V on the input, it cuts off somewhere below 100mA on the output, once input can no longer hold 3V.”

Also in this driver thread the KD’s H1-A and H2-C are the first two drivers tested, he shows a step down for the H2-C but not for the H1-A.

I guess that could be a good thing or a bad thing, depends how you look at it.

My guess is it was the protected Nitecore 3400 battery causing this. So I swapped over to the
Samsung 18650 20A 30Q and it’s working fine now.

Causing what? No step down?

You’re saying it has a timed step down now??

The Nitecore had 3.90v and the light started to shut off after 5 secs. It was going off after 15 then 10 then 5.

I swapped it out for the Samsung and now it’s good.

I believe the light didn’t like the Nitecore.

Any chance you have an XPL-HI light to compare this to? Curious how they compare in range and wideness of bright spot.

I have a S2+ and some P60’s. I will give you my thoughts when I get back in town tomorrow evening.

The size of the C8.2 is small enough for a side carpenter pocket. I have been running it on low or low2 since it is very bright up close on high.

Oh I see now what you meant.

I’d say the Nitecore’s protection circuit was tripping from the amperage draw.

I have an KD Xhp-50 (5k) C8.2 and it is quite a bright, wider beam. After several months of observation, this light is a SOLID 100 yrd. thrower with a LOT of side light (and in a clear field, I’ve used out out to 200 yards, but most here would argue it’s too faint that far out— but works for me through a better scope just fine). :smiley: The C8.2 5K XHP 50.2 has a beam very much like the C8Fs (or my Q8) with regard for over-all beam width and decent throw— it gets out there nicely for most needs. Not as bright as the two aforementioned lights, but close- and with the about the same throw too.

But, when I compare my three other C8s: Sofirn C8A, C8T and my custom SST in a Sofirn C8s host, sst-50 (shaved dome with Lexel’s Bistro driver)— these lights all out-throw the C8.2 by about 40-60 yards. The C8T has the XPL HI…V3 I think in it, but it (ironically) doesn’t throw much better than the C8A (which does throw REALLY well for the XP-L2 it’s using). When I compare the C8A and C8T, I actually prefer the C8A for it’s (95% to my eyes) equally good throw and the tint is warmer— I LIKE it more too after comparing to the cooler tints the warmer C8A is the favorite. (I totally expected to pick the C8T over the C8A in no time flat- this was a surprise).

My custom SST-40 shaved LED is still very white- the “shave job” didn’t change the tint OR throw much. It throws about the SAME as the C8T, but it’s got a lot of blue in it (as the C8T also has). It has a more narrow bean (as expected) along with the C8A and C8T as well. All good lights, but for the more general “wow factor” the C8.2 does burn brighter than any XLP or XP-L2 C8 I have IF looking at those first 100 yards.

The KD light is well done and I am sorry to hear of these problems as I thankfully have had none. IF KD were into supplying pills and some parts they feature in this light, it would be WAY MORE POPULAR here at BLF. Their site may have them but I can’t find them and shipping is proving (again this month) to be especially SLOW lately. I got a notice my March 29th order shipped out 20 days later (and so I do not have it yet of course). But my other order made 5 days later got here last week!

So no rhyme or reason on shipping, but I’d guess KD will made good on any problem light. Mine ALSO held up on my GUN for 50 rounds or so— zero problems. WHEN I FINALLY GET my late order— I plan to test several sofirn C8F custom builds (with 3 XPL-HIs still coming… from KD) in ONE of them— the other already floated and packing 3 shaved XP-L2 V5 emitters on an MCPCB (but waiting on a driver) ).

Always waiting on parts :wink: But I’d bet KD gets it sorted for any problems with enough time— good luck! :+1:

If you have a Q8 I’d agree that the XHP50 C8.2 is very similar in terms of beam shape and also tint shift if you have the neutral C8.2. My Q8 out throws it only slightly and is doing nearly 3 times as many lumens after bypasses. It’s not hard to out-throw the C8.2 though, I had a 219C C8 with a SMO reflector and it was putting out the same throw at around 500 lumens. I don’t have an XP-L HI C8 and don’t really plan to because throw isn’t something I personally need.

Beamshot videos comparing the KDLitker C8.2 XHP50.2 (neutral white 4500K) with the Sofirn C8A (XP-L2), Sofirn C8F (3x XP-L HD) and BLF Q8 (4x XP-L HD).

(in the video, the building on the opposite side is about 160 meters or 400 feet distance from the flashlight).

(I just received the KDLitker C8.2 XHP50.2 about 3 weeks ago, but only tested it more deeply recently - and it has developed a driver problem the second time I tried using the flashlight, so I'm not sure if what I video'd is "right". The seller will send me a replacement driver. (I mentioned the driver problem of my C8.2 XHP50.2 in another message thread here.) The Sofirn C8F is much brighter than the C8.2 XHP50.2 in the video..


Convoy C8 (XP-L Hi, U6-3A, 7135x8, Biscotti)

Well D_T_A… You beat me to the punch on this comparison here!!!

I was planning to compare these four lights, but now that you have, I can instead work on testing my several variations of my C8F’s I’m working on finishing up here soon: 1) stock driver 2) Narsil TA driver 3) direct driver. And I can’t switch MCPCBs as easily as I’d like, so emitters will be selected and shown with respect to the use each light was/will be designed for.

For example: the XLP HIs and XPL HDs (shaved) will be used in a direct drive config (switching off Lexel’s FET tail switch) I will test them each for throw, color and beam-width and plan to finalize the gun (hunting) builds (two) with these as maximum throw is needed. As these are BOTH intended as direct drive mods for hunting (throw), they should both show well- but we’ll see (when I get there).

I have to say looking at your videos, that that C8A is quite a light for throw, color, and decent beam-width; it really pops on that building as it does on my little town’s water tower I test many beams on— at about 100 yards. I have gifted several C8As this last month, I REALLY like that light!

Anyway, thanks again for the good work here. :+1: :beer:

The EX18 E6 ectension tube fits the c8.2 with about 5mm removed from one end, make for a good 2 cell xhp50.2 beast.
seems to be slightly different diamond pattern, a little shallower than the c8`s and the obligatory material differences i seem to find in these lights

Thanks to this review amongst other sources, this week I received my KDLITKER C8.2 XHP50.2 (3000K).

My conclusion: although certainly not a perfect light (quite visible tint shift due to yellow corona around the hotspot, no high CRI option, simplistic UI with some warts, functional “good enough” design instead of something really elegant) I really enjoy using it: big hotspot, lots of spill, and loads of stable lumens for a single 18650 light. The moonlight mode impresses me as well: it is actually quite useable, while power draw is really low (I measured 10 mA) resulting in very long runtimes. After 5 minutes on high, like other people stated, the body indeed starts to get too hot to hold, however this is still quite impressive. The XHP50.2 C8.2 is neither a super thrower nor a very compact EDC, however I think it is a good comprise, great value, budget priced, high-lumens, general purpose flashlight.