Review : KDLITKER C8.2 , 1*18650 xhp50.2 flashlight

You could ask them , they will probably be able to do that.

George, (or anyone who has this) Do you happen to have any convoy C8 to check if the bezel will lego with this?

I’d like to get this and add the convoy SS bezel.

I bought this light and I love it, dedomed the led and the beam is now alot nicer

I will check it later today .

Honestly, this light has killed xpl based c8s for me. They just don’t compete. Yes, they throw a bit further, but you can SEE so much more with this out to 200m.

I’d love to see more lights with the xhp50.2, maybe an updated A6? And bistro UI too.

I almost like it more than my Q8 (don’t tell Miller et. Al. Though!)

I think this is what the c8 should have always been from the start, C8+xhp50.2 is awesome, small and compact and yet throwy especially if you dedome the 50.2! I tried this in a regular c8, with just the shelf and it became too hot with the xhp50. So the pill really seems to help, barely gets warm at all for me in turbo or mode 3 which I normally use. Xhp50.2 gives a much better beam too, h1-a driver is good too imo!

Yes. It helps to block thermal transfert. Integrated shelf have much better thermal R (probably 20deg difference with 50deg host).


Awesome, thanks!


Glad I resurrected this thread :partying_face: I wanted to get more input on this one, sounds good!


Was it hard to de dome? How did you do it with an exacto knife or razor blade?

That’s not necessarily a good thing. The LED will still be producing just as much heat as in the C8 with a shelf. If the C8 with a shelf gets hot, that means it is successfully transferring the heat to the outside of the light. If this host, on the other hand, isn’t getting warm, that means the heat is remaining trapped internally and not getting transferred away from the components. Depending on the output, and whether or not the light has some form of automatic stepdown, this may put it at risk of overheating.

Lived experience is it gets quite warm, but never hot, across the whole torch. I feel it’s more because the turbo is not heavily over driven (which would be a challenge on a single 18650 anyway) like we tend to do with xpls these days.

The xhp50.2 just seems to be really efficient.

I walk the dogs with both this and the Q8, and this keeps on trooping on long after the Q8 has stepped down. I’m talking 10-15 minutes with no worrisome overheating and no degradation in performance.

Just checked the bezel , diameter and threads are the same , but Convoy bezel can’t screw all the way down, leaving a 2mm gap .


Crap. Well at least it threads on the same so maybe all hope is not lost…

I might be able to run it without the lens o-ring to decrease the gap, don’t really care if water resistant. Or maybe stretch another lens o-ring outside in the gap, if it don’t look too bad, or modify/shorten the reflector.

Thanks for taking the time for checking it!

I finally got mine in a couple days ago and WOW! XM/XP chips step aside! The hotspot is large but it’s BRIGHT and throws almost like my SD75! I put it side by side with my XHP-70 Olight R50 Pro and it just smokes it. The R50 might have more total output but it gets wasted in spill and flood…nevermind the pukey tint, but that’s another discussion. :person_facepalming: My Lumintop TD16 that pulls 6amps can hang, but it can’t match the wall of light this 8.2 produces.

I tossed in both HE2 and R25 cells and it’s pulling on average 5.4 amps at the tail with topped off batteries. What I find strange is my lesser batteries pull higher amps? My NCR18650B is pulling 6.6 amps topped off? All I can think is it must be a constant current driver and the lessor cells are having major voltage sag with the heavy draw.

Now, if we can just make it a C8.3 and make the battery tube accept a 26650. :smiley:

Any chance this could take an unprotected 21700 cell?

Not without some changing of the battery tube. The battery is pretty fit for an 18650.

Isn’t K5 that thing? (same dimensions/specs with 26650 tube)

XHP35 HI in the KD C8.2 is a thing now. Does anyone have one?

I just got my NW version yesterday. Damn it gets hot in the first minute. Way more hot than the 50.2 version.
I like the fat hotspot of the 50.2 version better than the 35 HI

Lol, just ordered one! Couldn’t help myself. Will get back on comparison.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: