“REVIEW”: Lumintop FWAA – 14500 – Anduril 2 – Triple Nichia 4000K & 5000K [Pic Heavy]

got a new toy (tool), for measuring CCT, CRI, Tint, and Flicker…
Opple Light Master Pro

FWAA w sw35

at 0.3 lumens:

at 14 lumens:


Got mine this morning, it’s properly small unlike many AA lights, very nice. Very, very floody though, I chose 219Cs 4000K but should probably have gone with SST-20s. I think I’ll try slicing them to improve that a bit, as well as the tint, regarding the later here are measurements with the default advanced UI steps :


CCT = 3781K (Duv 0.0013)
Color Rendering Index (Ra) = 94.0 [ R9 = 75.5 ]
IES TM-30-15 Rf = 87.54 Rg = 95.84


CCT = 3808K (Duv 0.0014)
Color Rendering Index (Ra) = 93.9 [ R9 = 74.5 ]
IES TM-30-15 Rf = 87.68 Rg = 95.94


CCT = 3806K (Duv 0.0015)
Color Rendering Index (Ra) = 93.8 [ R9 = 74.2 ]
IES TM-30-15 Rf = 87.66 Rg = 95.90


CCT = 3873K (Duv 0.0046)
Color Rendering Index (Ra) = 91.3 [ R9 = 61.4 ]
IES TM-30-15 Rf = 88.55 Rg = 96.06


CCT = 3911K (Duv 0.0049)
Color Rendering Index (Ra) = 90.4 [ R9 = 56.9 ]
IES TM-30-15 Rf = 88.54 Rg = 96.05


CCT = 3897K (Duv 0.0036)
Color Rendering Index (Ra) = 91.0 [ R9 = 58.5 ]
IES TM-30-15 Rf = 88.29 Rg = 95.95


CCT = 3896K (Duv 0.0015)
Color Rendering Index (Ra) = 92.0 [ R9 = 62.5 ]
IES TM-30-15 Rf = 87.84 Rg = 95.71

L2 no lens

CCT = 3892K (Duv –0.0013)
Color Rendering Index (Ra) = 95.0 [ R9 = 81.1 ]
IES TM-30-15 Rf = 88.23 Rg = 97.17

L3 no lens

CCT = 3895K (Duv –0.0008)
Color Rendering Index (Ra) = 94.8 [ R9 = 80.1 ]
IES TM-30-15 Rf = 88.06 Rg = 96.92

As soon as the FET turns on the tint degrades, it can be seen quite easily.

The lens adds roughly +0.0025 which is pretty bad :frowning:

random update

I really like my Cu FWAA host

present incarnation w led swap, sapphire lens and o ring under the button

FWAA 219c 4000K

Installed the O ring mod in the tailswitch, and added a few dots of glow paint to the mcpcb


the 219c tint is Peachy, and it renders skin tones much better than LH351d


Nice work, Jon.

My FWAA Cu is still SST-20 4000k stock. I really enjoy it. For me, the tint works and illuminates colors nicely. My FW3A XPL-Hi 3D (5000k) looks nicely neutral next to it. Now there are so many triples available by other makers. I’ve been tempted, but these work so well.

The FWAA is nice, and comes in fancy metals.

imo the TS10 is better because, the beam is more throwy, the switch is more firm, and the waistline is more centered. Plus the TS10 has Aux, and a better version of Anduril without blinks in the ramp.

otoh, the FWAA clip is better because it is fully captive, and the hatclip portion is slightly longer and easier to put on a hat.

Thanks, Jon. Price wise the TS10 is pretty attractive, relative to the FWAA. Speaking of fancy metals, there is a brass version. How’s the thermal management in the TS10?

> How’s the thermal management in the TS10?

thermal controls are the same as the FWAA,

I do not use Turbo and limit the output to about 300 lumens ceiling. I avoid outputs that are not sustainable. To me, Turbo is 300 lumens :wink:

Yeah, 300 lumens is a good usable ceiling. I’ve left my turbo mode on max, in case I need it, but then just rapidly step down (or go the other way, ramping up from low and stop where it’s needed).

What Anduril build version do you have on your TS10?

My FWAA shows 2020/09/27 - 0312 (according to THIS, ‘0312’ is ‘fw3a-219’). I guess the FWAA uses the exact same Anduril as used for the FW3A.

Btw, Jonathan, I finally reversed the body. I prefer the look of the original orientation as it’s a little more “sleek,” but for practicality the reversal is better. The clip hugs that rim at the back of the head better for a tighter fit. I think I can get used to it. :+1:

Not having played with the regulation for a couple months kind of remember that even the highest output was temperature regulated when I received the light. But my memories may cheat me. Are the modes above mid-range blink non regulated?