[Review] Lumintop Tool AA 2.0: Small, simple and superb!

I hear you! And I will pass on the message :slight_smile:

Hum, any info on how did you this X3?
Any specific drill thickness? Did you use bolt and nut?

I am thinking about getting a new Tool AA 2.0 and the clip is always the headache in this light :person_facepalming:
Not sure if I will be doing something similar to what you’ve done, but I appreciate any info on this :innocent:

Drilled two holes, then tapped them with a tap at work… Alignment is not perfect but it does what it’s supposed to.
I didn’t use any bolt, but I grinded the stock alu washer in the tailcap because the screws were a bit long

Thank you very much for your answer mate :wink:
I guess I will try first on my “old” Tool AA, so that I can perfect it when I get the new one! And eventually with a new type of washer :slight_smile:
I liked this method and if you don’t mind I may borrow it! :beer:

Hey, the B in BLF might be for “borrowing”, who knows ?
One small advice though : make your holes slightly farther from the tail. That way if your screws are protruding in the tailcap, you can rotate your switch to aligne the flat side of the Omten with the screws

Ahah, thanks ! I guess I’m borrowing some ideas from you (opening the Olight, the eventual mod for the LT Tool clip…), hope you don’t mind :blush:

Thanks for the tip on this. If I drill it, I will try to do that, just to be sure it will all fit internally.

One thing I’ve been thinking after seeing a thread from CPF, is to use the M1T Raider clip on the Tool AA, if it fits. A guy there was/is using streamlight pocket clips, so maybe the M1T fits too !!


Re read this review again to kill some boredom…. Lumintop makes so damned good lights, especially the Tool AA 2.0, wish they still made the Tool 25 Penlight.

True and agree :wink:
I managed to get a Tool 25, and I’d get another one if they were still on sale!
I have some plans for mine, though :smiley:

Old post I know but if you’re still thinking about doing this it’s easy. I used an old clip off of my Benchmade Mini Bugout. The hole spacing on the clip is perfect for the lanyard loop on the tailcap of the light.

My original plan was to tap the lanyard loop and screw the clip to the light. Stupid me used the wrong size bit and made the holes too big so I had to improvise. :person_facepalming: What I ended up doing was just finding nuts to fit the screws I had and just attaching it that way. I EDC this light at work pretty much every day for the last 3 months or so and it works perfectly. Now I know it doesn’t tail stand anymore but as a work light it doesn’t have to and I’m perfectly ok with that.

What are the best 14500 batteries for the Tool? And, what about the Lumintop 14500 battery with integrated mini-USB charge port, that any good? Seems like light + battery with port makes a nice gift……

Sometimes it is sold that way:


I’ve used the Lumintop supplied battery in mine with no problems, but I’m currently using Keeppower P1450C2, 1000 mAh (4A) protected cell.

I’m also using the KeepPower P1450C2 cells in mine, and they work well for me (although I admit that I don’t use the Turbo output level). This cell is relatively short in length, compared to most other protected 14500 cells, as HKJ pointed out in his thorough BLF review of this cell.

Vapcell gold 1000mAh would be a great choice. The newer purple L10 and H10 from Vapcell also. Have to compare on HKJ's site again but at the applicable current flow I think the L10 might beat the gold by a little bit...about the same capacity but less sag. The H10 is a high drain and not a benefit for the Tool but it's great in some other lights. A buddy had the included cell from Lumintop and it's fine, just not as much capacity. The only usb-port AA I've tried was a Nitecore which I think is 750mAh or so...about the same as the Lumintop although we never compared them side by side. Lots of decent cells out there but I'm partial to the more or less legit extra capacity in the Vapcell models...so far, anyway.

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I prefer to use Eneloop in my AA Tool, not LiIon
but yes, if you prefer LiIon, a usb rechargeable battery makes a good gift package

some of the AA tools turn on some tail LEDs when on LiIon, and I hear this kills the battery pretty fast. some people break off the tail LEDs to stop that drain

also the AA Tool has a lower low mode when not using LiIon… I prefer the option to use lower levels.

another factor that is important to me, is a High CRI LED… the AA Tool does not come with one… though it can be modified, if one has a few tools and skills, that can be easily learned, if want to learn… I will be glad to coach you

here are some photos of the process of changing the LED in an AA Tool

I’ve got a dozen odd of Vapcell Gold, FT & BT and they all have 50+ ohm resistance tested with YR1030+. H10 is around 15ohm. Don’t have any L10 to test but perhaps that’s why they test better?

Maybe so. I don't have a good way to see resistance (my charger is a big erratic liar...usually) and will probably never get set up to do a proper 4-wire test. Whatever magic sauce made its way into all three of these cells, it's a big improvement over what has been available for so long. Makes you wonder what Samsung or Sony could do if they gave 14500 some attention.

Love the light, but need a better clip.

Any recommendations for a better clip for the Lumintop Tool AA?

Thanks! Mainly interested to buy as gifts….

I like to use the Olight M1T Raider clip (photos from here ). Some people have also talked about a clip from Streamlight.