REVIEW LUMINTOP TOOL AA (whit crash test video)



Lumintop recently launched the Tool AA, the older sister of the successful Tool AAA. I received this flashlight from Lumintop to do the review. I was impressed by the forcefulness with which I have been asked to do a series of tests (throw it on the ground, freeze it, submerge it, etc ...) that would serve to contrast its hardness and quality. So I have been asked and at risk of being left without the only payment I receive for the hours invested in doing a review (who does from time to time some know it well), I found it a challenge to know if a flashlight designed to be a tool, I would surpass those tests. So I have wrapped the blanket in my head and I have taken to the extreme each one of the requirements ...... Throughout the review we will discover everything ..... In relation to its hardness ..... ...... I have a flashlight that works perfectly with a couple of insignificant war scrapes.


The Tool AA comes in a transparent plastic box, with the magnetized lid. Said plastic box is covered by a satin white cardboard case with the logo of the brand and the included model. Once the case is removed we can see inside the box both the flashlight and the various accessories that come with it. We can also appreciate that all the content is protected by white anti-shock material. It is a simple presentation, but elegant.

Inside the box we have a varied series of accessories. In addition to the flashlight, we have a magnetic tail that allows us to use the flashlight as if it were a switch, a white diffuser, O, spare ring, instructions, a lanyard, a protected Lumintop 14500 battery and as a gift a rabbit figure of Lumintop. Everything included is quite good, the diffuser does its role very well, the tail carries a powerful magnet, and the Lanyard I like it a lot, but I think the color is not ideal for this flashlight because of its black color.


Because of its appearance we are facing a flashlight that does not hide its pretensions to be a useful and resistant instrument. Manufactured according to specifications in aeronautical aluminum in grade III, it follows the lines of its sister AAA, with a narrower body widening in the middle part, and even more in the head and in the tail. It takes a little bulky, but efficient clip. The Knurlin is present in those wider sections, which are also where you are going to put your fingers when we have it in your hand. Within its versatility, how could it be otherwise can be used in tail stand mode with both the rear switch and the magnetic tail.

The clip included in the Tool AA is very discreet, but strong and effective. Lets support the entire flashlight on the as if it were a base. The flashlight presents white laser engravings of the brand with the logo and the model that also make an aesthetic contribution. As for the Tail, here we can choose. The Tail with gummy pushbutton has two columns that protect the button from possible impacts and serve as the basis for use in tail stand mode. The push button itself has its Knurling and has an ideal size to activate it. The other tail includes the magnet, and is completely smooth. With this tail, the lantern also becomes a small AA. The diffuser achieves its function perfectly and can be very useful in certain applications next to the magnetic tail or in tail stand mode.

The flashlight can be divided into 3 parts, head, body and tail. The threads come well lubricated and neat. The XPL HD LED is well centered behind the smooth aluminum reflector. The included lens is anti-reflective and ultra-clear.


Size or sizes rather. The AA tool varies greatly in size if we use it with the back button or with the magnetic Tail. In any case, in both cases it has a perfect size to take as a tool for daily use if we like AA for this task, and of course, also to use it sporadically taking advantage of the various options available. Next it is presented with other models of the Lumintop family and other models AA and 14500

Regarding the weight also differs with Magnetic Tail. The results are presented with and without battery.


The user interface varies if we use the magnetic tail (Twisty) of the tail with pushbutton (Rear Switch). Otherwise the use is common in this type systems. Always activate the following mode. The rear switch is forward.

The flashlight supports any 14500 battery (button and flat top), alkaline and Nimh. The range of voltage operation of the flashlight means that we have to be careful with the 14500 batteries without protection because we can produce an over discharge.


To check everything I have been asked for from lumintop, I made the video with projections, but I included the resistance tests at the beginning of it. The tests that I have included have been the following:

Crash Test: According to lumintop it resists falls of one meter. I've launched it from a meter and a half

Freezing test: The frozen in operation

Immersion test: For more than half an hour you have been in a thermal pool (+ 30º) with salt disinfection

Sequences are also shown in which the flashlight is attached to a metal lamp.

After several blows the only traces of damage are the following (All the photos I have made have been after the falls, all).


The Tool AA comes with a 14500 protected lumintop battery, with a capacity of 750 mAh. The battery comes in a proper storage mode.

I proceeded to load it into the MC3000 and then performed a discharge test until 3v to check if the capacity was as specified. We see that the capacity is somewhat above.


With the Tool AA we can use, as we have already mentioned, both Nimh and Lithium. Personally I think that with these second the performance is better. Tool AA is much more powerful with lithium, and in addition the runtime is quite acceptable. The results of my sphere show that the flashlight is a bit below what is specified in high mode (@ 30sec), and that we can get more power if we use IMR batteries. In the other modes everything is equal. As to the mode distribution, it might have been better to add a mode around 200 lumens and leave the stop as turbo, although I understand that in the face of the compatibility of different chemical battery uses it could be complicated.

I consider the runtime to be more than acceptable, especially with lithium, which allows us in almost half the same luminous flux as with Nimh, and the runtime is much higher. The temperature has not been a problem, and there are no noticeable differences between lithium batteries and IMR batteries. Compared with other market models such as the Zebra SC32 and the Jetbeam Jet I think that its runtime is quite competitive. The regulation is not totally linear

On the other hand, in a model of this size, I think the data obtained in throw is quite good. By the way in my manual there is a typo and it puts a higher number of launch, but in the web of lumintop the correct one appears.


The following image shows the projection on slides

Indoor photos in the garage of almost 100 meters long, 4.5 meters high and 6 wide.

Outdoor Beam (over 40 mts).


Well, once again I am satisfied with a Lumintop brand flashlight. It is again a model that offers what is expected of it. Simplicity and robustness. In short, a good tool. If to this we add the magnificent price that can be achieved, along with the accessories it brings, especially the battery, I think we can not ask for much more.

What could be better?. Maybe the lanyard would have to be black in this case. Lumintop has taken this model in colors, and maybe there is room for the color of my lanyard. The regulation to me personally I like more linear and nothing more to add.

Cute lil’ rabbit! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks !! always great hard work with many hours invested in all your reviews . Is great see your reviews here.

About this, I bought one and I am happy for the price (bought at good price), design, simplicity, quality…all is fine but 2 problems for me:

  1. Tint…. not good for my taste.
  2. Is good for 14500…… but Lumintop must improve his NiMH regulation,…we are in 2017 (…wow 2018 is here now) and they try get something more near 200 lumens at least….


I’d like to say thank you for the review. Not that I know a thing about photography but I find your pictures to be very professional.

IMO lumintop should be sending you two of each model they wish for you to test, that still seems like a bargain when you think of the interest a quality review like this will generate!

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tool AA PWM on low and medium:

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