[Review] Manker E11 XP-L AA/14500

Does this mean the E11 is brighter than the Mi7 on AA?

On AA (Eneloop Pro) batteries, E11 produces about 300 lumens for 60 minutes, while Mi7 produces about 160 lumens for 80 minutes. For the first 2-3 minutes E11 even produces 400 lumens.

I am a terrible photographer, and so I set all the parameters as indicated in the pics.
I can barely answer for my pics, can’t make judgement from pics took from other people.

Wanted a little more throw from my floody E11 so… for my first ever mod;
Using gasoline I de-domed the cool white led, now it has a warm tint… looks to be about 4500k. Have a cool white XP-L HI incoming, but kinda liking this tint.
Smoothed the reflector - green fine grit Scotch Brite pad to remove electroplating, 1200 - 4000 - 8000 grit 3M wet/dry sandpaper and a high speed drill, then Pinnacle Crystal Clear metal polished it with a Dremel.

Any way you could talk me through how to do this ? I ordered mine 3 days ago and hit the cool white by mistake rather then the NW … generally I prefer torches with more throw as well so this might sort 2 things at once … better throw and better tint???
I probably wouldn’t play with the reflector as wouldn’t have a clue what I was doing but of I could de-dome to give a tad more throw and better tint I’d probably give it a try!!!

De-dome info found here A Perfect Dedome?.

Thank you :smiley: … I’ll have a read!!!

Installed XP-L HI V2 6500K, and for better beam focus I fashioned a thin < 1mm spacer to fit under it’s reflector gasket. Now it projects a defined 11” to 12” hot spot at 10 feet.

I’m pretty happy with the result, what do you think?

Nice result, but I think you could have saved some time by just getting a Klarus MI7 with a cold white XP-L HI in the first place :wink:


I had the Klarus (it’s been gifted), wasn’t happy with it’s UI (quick click turbo) and lumen. This one is much brighter and now it throws quite a bit farther.

My E11 arrived today from this seller


but there was no spare O rings :frowning: I am using a sanyo lithium 3.7v 800mah battery and i am impressed with it apart from the lack of spare O rings, i have messaged the seller

That made me check mine and it’s the same from the same seller … let us know what response you get from them ???

Could it possible be they’re fakes

Nice review! Thanks! :smiley:

By the looks of it, this ebay account belongs to the Manker manufacturer itself.

I have contacted them through eBay and have no response, that is not good

Still no reply from the seller, i was going to get another Manker but this NO Response has put me off, i will buy a O Light next time, the X7 looks nice.

That’s really odd. I bought two E11s from that same seller and both had O rings with them.

Well i have sent them eBay message, emailed them direct, sent blf pm and still no response, customer service seems non existent. manker more like *anker

I dealt with Manker previously and they always responded to emails, although sometimes it took a couple of days.

Manker replied to my email quickly and were helpful. Used the email address on their website.