Review: Manker U11. Built in charger, compact 18650 Eswitch Light. 3.6A on Turbo, Beamshots added.

RemanG you’re not helping at all with my attemps to save some cash with all these reviews you’re doing!!! First the A01, then fenix E15 and now you’re telling us the U11 is mod-friendly… slow it down man :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine says “2016-01-01 20:54 Shipment information sent to FedEx”

Updated with the review and Pictures, Imageshack has been working my nerves lately…most of the pictures are now showing up…

Thanks for looking, I will have beamshot comparisons up in a day or two and hopefully an emitter swap tutorial.

Nice review, thanks! can you take tail amp readings? I also read it has constant current output and doesn’t have turbo timer drop, would be nice to see if it’s true.

Will do today! I hadn’t thought to time for a turbo timer, but I did run it on the simple UI turbo for at least five minutes. It did get warm, and I do not recall a step down.

With a clamp on ammeter, 3.7A (3.68 actually after 30 seconds with a Samsung –20R)

Readings and beamshot gif posted in OP

Code available, PM me if interested

Thank you for doing this review. I gifted a MH20 . They seam to like it. Not a flashlight person tho.

Can someone measure the exact dimensions of the reflector Diameter, height, hole diameter of the U11? I am planning on putting a XP-L HI and a smooth reflector when I get it.

Is the Manker T01 reflector a direct fit for the U11? I also have a T01 on order and might swap reflectors/leds if they are fully compatible.

Thanks, can’t wait to get mine.

Nuts, Hang on, I will pop it back out. The Reflector is narrow at the bottom and there is no stock centering insulating ring. The Regular XPL centers itself with its corners.

Give me a bit…

About 27mm wide, 20mm deep and the back hole is 5mm with a 1mm shelf around it that sits on the board.

Hope this helps.

Thanks a lot! :beer:

I got the U11 in the mail today, I like it! The USB charges the battery to 4.18v checked with 2 different batteries the beam pattern and size is almost identical as the Zebralight SC600. the U11 hotspot is just a very tiny bit smaller, when comparing the 2 lights in their brightest setting the U11 is brighter.

Fit and finish is superb! I might swap the Led for a XP-L HI whenever I have time. But so far I think Manker has a winner with this light. Good Job Manker! :beer:

Not having a ZL to compare to, this is great to hear… What tint XPL-HI are you thinking of replacing the stock emitter? I have been very happy with the warm white I put in…

Thinking between 1C or 2B tint, not a big fan of warm tints. Did you replace the stock MPCB with a copper MPCB?

2B is my favorite cool white… I just used the stock board and reflowed the new one on it. You may have to thin a noctigon down as the stock board is thinner than a noctigon. A 20mm Noctigon will need some filing on the edges, but a 16mm should fit the screw holes already there. Easiest way is to just use the stock board….

Manker U11 standby current (parasitic drain): measured 0,2µA! This is practically zero. It will drain an 18650 in 2000 years, theoretically. Even better than Zebralight (4µA).

Do you know how much current it drains when using the blue beacon feature in the on/off button?

And if that is still too much, you can lock it out by loosening the tailcap 1/2 turn… :stuck_out_tongue:

How did you measure this? I tried with a Fluke multimeter and the uA setting, but did not get a reading….

Excuse my ignorance, but I’m trying to figure out the UI. With all the configuration, is there any way to get less than 5 modes?

No, five regular modes is it, plus the hidden blinky menus. TK has spoiled us… Lol

Well in that case…… :_(

Its really not that bad the UI since a quick click gets you to Moonlight mode and a long click gets you to the last saved mode. my complaint is that sometimes I click too fast to change modes and go to the blinkies. |(