REVIEW: Nightwatch NI40 Stalker [26650, dedomed 3V XHP50.2, beefy C8], with SST70 mod

Thank you good sir. I do like to think I’m starting a nice collection and am pretty happy about it. I love my KR4 so much. The MT09R and Sp36 are super exciting and I can’t wait til they arrive. But I do have to say that something about the 2 Nightwatch’s on their way seem like some pretty special lights. I’m actually in love with both of them.

I say I’ll be good after I get these lights, but the more I read here at BLF, the more I realize how absurdly foolish that sounds and how everyone at some point here thought the exact same thing.

A million thanks again.

I was hoping you could give me a suggestion or two. Minus the SP36, MT09R, KR4, NSX3 and Stalker, are there any lights you’d recommend that round out a flashlight collection nicely? I know people really love the Zebralights for efficiency but I also hear tons of complaints about their tints. As an impulse purchase, I bought the new 95 CRI Sofirn IF25A as well so I don’t think I need another small light, much less one with so so tint. I thought BLF Q8 but figured it’s an overlapper with what I will have. Are there any must-haves that you would recommend? Thank you.

Yes, sure I can suggest you ONE OR TWO flashlights but it would be too difficult to choose. :wink: Let’s say I’ll give you a few flashlights to check out. :smiley:

I don’t know Zebralights well but I have also heard they are using very efficient drivers. They use some high-CRI emitters and especially the XHP50 and XHP70 are a bit green in high CRI. Generally, I prefer the cheaper flashlights though.

I like flashlights with optics because they allow to use many leds in a relatively small space, especially SST20 4000K 95CRI, and most have lovely aux leds. The Emisar D4S uses a bigger and throwier quad optic than the KR4 or Sofirn IF25A.

The Fireflies E07 uses 7 leds, the Fireflies ROT66 G2 12 leds. There complaints around about Fireflies quality control but I like all my Fireflies flashlights. The E07 with XPL HI has been the brightest single cell flashlight (replaced by the new 3xXHP50 flashlights I guess) and the output on Turbo is short but astonishing. The ROT66 G2 comes with a floody and a throwy optic to change and has nice aux leds.

I can’t really recommend you the Astrolux MF01 mini because it has a fast thermal stepdown problem that can be fully resolved only with the ManOfLight copper heatsink. Three recommendable flashlights from Astrolux are the Astrolux MF01S, the Astrolux FT03 and the Astrolux MF02. The MF04 is a monster thrower and maybe not suitable for all but it is a mighty feeling to hold it in your hands.

Convoy is a brand that makes great flashlights, two classic ones are the Convoy S2+ and the Convoy C8+. The owner is also a member on BLF and is always open for suggestions or ideas. Basically you can buy any flashlight or host from him and be almost sure you will like it. Every collection needs a Convoy. :innocent:

Two smaller flashlights are the Sofirn C01S and the SP10S. Well known also the Sofirn C8F, with a thinner battery tube than the SP36 and triple reflector. The BLF Q8 is a great allround flashlight but if you want something different you better wait for the Q8 Pro with 10000 lumens from 4 XHP50.2 3V, expected in July. :sunglasses:

Other brands that have nice budget flashlights are Wuben, Skilhunt, Lumintop, Manker and Amutorch.

That should do for now. Let me warn you, keep looking for good flashlights and you will soon end up with over 50 great and absolute must-have flashlights. :smiling_imp:

Wow Skylight, I don’t know how I missed this post but thank you so much. I appreciate all the recommendations.

I actually just picked up the Fireflies PL47G2 with Nichia 219b’s. I just got it today and I like it a ton. I also like your other Fireflies recommendations, they are extremely tempting.

The Sofirn Q8 Pro sounds amazing. I don’t know how you know that that’s coming out but that’s awesome to know. I would love to have my pulse on future offerings too, guess I’ll have to do some searching.

I appreciate you and the time you took to write this. It was quite helpful. My sincerest gratitude to you good sir.

I just got my nightstalker sbt90. 2 and it is my first real light. Mine came with no Xtra goodies and a strange black jumper wire soldered on the tail cap spring anybody else experience this?

That is a truly awesome flashlight, well chosen.

The black jumper wire is a spring bypass so that the spring can handle the 20A+ current well. Thin springs can collapse with high current and no bypass. A bypass improves the performance also with thick springs.

Thank you I really appreciate that insight. I read somewhere that the wire reduces resistance so that is nice… just didn’t see this wire in any other post/pics so I was unsure it looked kinda modded… so all good thank you! Also I have ordered 2 Astrolux mf01s minis 1 is the copper/aluminum the other is a green Mateminco. I also ordered 1 Astrolux Mf01 with Nichia and 2 sand colored 1 is Mf01s the other is MT18s so 2 of the same light just 1 Astrolux and 1 Mateminco. I just couldn’t help myselfand Neal’s is lagging so I ordered the second from bangood which seems to be running things faster with shipping also my nightstalker came from Neal’s with no extra lens or lanyards or O-rings.