Review: Nitecore P12GT from Banggood *Pic Heavy*

Hi dale
If mid and high modes not working which part to replace ?

Khan, has your light been disassembled? If not I’d sure recommend using the warranty.

The driver is pretty complex, much of the components buried under a red rubbery glue. So I am not clear on what does what in this one. (as If I am that smart anyway! lol)

Double check the yellow component on the battery side of the driver, it’s a Tantalum capacitor and those are pretty well known for failing. If you see a dark spot on it, or a dark end, it’s probably blown. (Also if you can smell the inside of the head, like when you take the battery tube off and you can see the driver give it a whiff and see if you can smell fried electronics… it’s a very distinctive and unpleasant smell. This would be a positive indicator a part failed.)

Nitecore lights are not exactly budget oriented, use the warranty if at all possible. :wink:

Thanks Dale
Still in warranty
Did u mean this capacitor to check ?

I was talking about what you can see on top, without removing the driver. If you’ve pulled the driver you may have voided the warranty. On top, where the contact is for the positive end of the battery, there is a largish yellow component, shaped like a shoebox. That’s a Tantalum Capacitor. There are other caps on the top as well, smaller and ceramic in nature (brown band in the middle with silver metal ends) those are probably not likely to be the culprit. I just know those yellow ones can blow pretty easy.

Edit: The black plastic insulation disc needs to be popped out to see the top of the driver, then you see this…

Thanks Dale
I will try and let u know.

I just opened its head
Following your instructions
Lethe machine
Crescent wrench etc
But only added one thing
I wrapped a piece of rubber (cut it from old bike tube)
& result is awsome

No damage done to its paint.
It was just 1st phase
Rest will be posted later.

It’s a neat light, for sure. My ex-cop neighbor was looking for a reliable light with easy intuitive interface, I practically gave him this one…

I have suggested the same light to 2 cops , both really happy with it …

Btw , awesome review :slight_smile:

Bom dia, minha lanterna queimou o driver,sabe me dizer aonde posso comprar um novo driver?

(with the help of G.Translate /com o inferno do google tradutor)

as dimensoes do driver sao especifico do fabricante. contato com a empresa na Europa.

Thanks for your reply.

I would like to do as you said, but sorry that we don’t have the single circuit board.

It would be a better option to send it back to our factory for a repair.

And usually the shipping cost won’t cost too much, it depends on the courier you choose.

If you would like to try a new model, how about I check a local seller for you?

Many thanks,

NITECORE Service Team

De acordo com o suporte eles não tem a placa de circuito separadamente para comprar, alguma sugestão para instalar algum driver alternativo?

Se fosse minha lanterna, eu a mandaria para conserto. Boa sorte