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On the inner tube, there’s a groove near the end, like perhaps for an o-ring is my guess. Aside from that I see a spring

I haven’t been able to get mine apart other than the bezel and tailcap so I don’t know for sure what is down in there or how it is supposed to sit……lol

I sent you a PM also.

PM replied
I read Olight glues the threads.
Right now I have no idea the direction to go to resolve it

Yea all my Olights are glued pretty tight , other than a bezel here or there. You can get them apart without damage sometimes , but always a risk of damaging something when you start forcing them apart.

Yeah, I don’t want chance damaging it. The bezel comes right off easy enough without carnage. For the time being I custom cut a sheet of notebook paper for around the inner tube. Worse comes to worse I have some vinyl acetate sheet I can cut to fit as a barrier.

Thanks for your input!