Review: Olight S1 Baton

Oh no, there goes more cash out of my wallet! LOL

Love your reviews!

Your pics seem to get better and better. What camera are you using?

I do not but the AA extension for it Is an awesome idea! Hopefully they will do an AA (S2) and 18650 version. I’d be in for an S3 (18650) in a heartbeat.

Someone had tried to change the LED? Is it easy and possible?

BTW there is already a great coupon about this light on banggood if you carefully check the product page. :slight_smile:

No problem Tom E I know it’s gonna be worth the wait it’s just like the saying goes boys and there toys ,my son and I have both been bitten by the light bug lol Thanks again Johnny Mac I always look forward to your reviews and the mail man lost my pa lage yesterday so he drove it the extra two miles to my doorstep and delivered it .and since it’s been here I can’t put the light down!I ts hard to get over how much light the little beast puts out lol

I have shown this little pocket rocket to some first responder friends such as firemen emts and local Leo’s my question is will this light make a good edc for them ? is it reliable enough ?

For LEO and firemen, aren’t bigger tactical light with rear clicky switch more suitable for them?
I imagine some of them might be wearing gloves for work, and with this light is on the tiny side and the side click button is a bit on the softer side, might not be the best option.
I haven’t test my S1 when wearing gloves though.

This S1 have it in the spotlight.

I spent a little bit of time in trying to untwist the bezel - no luck. I was using my rubber coated gloves, got pretty good traction on it (I think) with pretty good pressure and it didn't budge. I'm hesitant to use heat on the head because of the plastic optics (I assume it's plastic). Did some searching and I don't see anything anywhere bout modding this one -- yet. I really would like to swap the LED with a neutral, at a minimum.

Yes… Its really a shame such premium quality lights only have the ugly blue light with horrible CRI. Should have 3D tint at minimum!
Until then there is now way I buy it…

for that low price its not much money lost trying to mod one and kill it :wink:

btw: i failed also to open it :smiley:

Vinh has gotten these apart, and in the process of testing mods on the S1 to create a S1vn. He mentioned the bezel is threaded, but never mentioned any glue or how he got it off.

I'm sure it's threaded since everything has to go in from the front. I wouldn't try a torch to heat the glue due to the plastic TIR but boiling it or using a heat gun (carefully) should do the trick.

Can't find mention of vinh working on it on CPF. Do you know where? Definitely would assume it's threaded, and probably pretty tight. vinh has a really good setup for cracking these things open - he's done soo many different lights. Pretty sure it's too small for my strap wrench's, and it's got a thin lip to grab. The blue should be SS though. Could maybe try pliers with some padding, maybe gorilla tape, hhmm.

The S1vn topic:

Ahh - some mysteries bout this mod, like usual with him, some hints, not much. Says primaries are now NG, so he might have tweaked resistors or something - the light actually does 600 lumens stock on an EFEST IMR, so not sure how he measured before/after exactly. Probably the higher bin LED mounted on copper could account for all the differences, but hard to say.

He confirmed 2 things I suspected - bezel is threaded, and optics are best with XM-L2's.

that’s true a few were thinking as back up but a one the the volunteer firemen said the switch was small and hard to get to as well.

What would be a cheaper alternative to this S1 Baton? I’d like to pay max $20 shipped.