“REVIEW”: On The Road 311 – 1x16340 – USB-C Rechargeable – 720 lumens

Absolutely great review mate, you covered it all.
I still like this light for its size and price but @Scallywag sorry no i just tried C to C charging and got nothing :frowning:
which is to be fair something almost all lights with Type-C seem to suffer from right now.
Ive given one of these lights as a gift to a non flashaholic and they love it for their back yard and taking bins in and out. Small compact light they hang it next to the keys at the back door.

Thanks for the detailed review on this light and loving the modding work there.
Thanks for shout out also. :+1:

Thanks Trail Trek :wink: And also thanks for your inspiring review on video, I linked above :wink:
Well, the C-C charging is a no-go then, thanks for trying it! Most of them are “C”-suffering :stuck_out_tongue:

Still, this may seem an under rated light, as you pointed out, but it is still pretty solid, well built and a user & gifter! It’s versatility is good enough for that!

Thanks again keep up the good work on the reviews too :+1: :beer:

Trail Trek, thanks for checking. It’s still a very giftable and moddable light (as MascaratumB said), so I’m sure I’ll have to do at least one at some point. If the tail were easier to disassemble, I’d probably consider it for my smart tail and some EDC duty.

I just wish they would extend the tail tube a bit to surround the switch
To avoid potential for accidental pocket discharge……

Believe me, there is very reduced chance to press it and activate the light. The distance betwen the switch and the not so soft rubber tailcap is enough to take a hard press to activate the flashlight.

So, I don’t see a reason to rise that protection. Also, it would make the light look “longer” and that is a thing that matters aesthetically.

So far I didn’t have any trouble with accidental activation :wink:

Seems to be a nice light. To bad for the UI, otherwise I would buy a few.

Thanks for the wright-up

Thanks for your words :wink:
Well, the UI configurability gives the light some more usability, unlike other previous models or other brands!
Still, I admit it is not “perfect”, specially the double click for Strobe and the memory mode on all group levels.
Apart from this, I am actually liking it :wink:

I am waiting for Lexel to “return” to order a driver with Bistro HD OTSM for it :innocent:

Today I modded my 311 light. I replaced the original driver for a Led4Power 3A driver.

The original driver is “inserted” into and soldered to the brass ring seem above.
I retrieved the spring from the driver and put it into the new one, as it is ideal to make contact with the (charging) board in the battery tube.

The L4P 17mm driver fits well into the ring, but to make it work, I add to solder it to the brass ring for contact purposes.
I maintained the already modded led (Luxeon V2 4000K).

There is little space between the driver and the shelf. Before replacing it, I measured the top current and it draws only 1.62A.
With the new driver, it will get a bit hotter, even if on the CC configuration it will only go up to 3A.

Although this is not the “ideal” driver for me (I’d prefer one with Bistro HD OTSM), it make this flashlight more configurable and usable (better UI), a since it has USB-C charging, I guess it will start being my EDC and also travel light :wink:


It was so clear you wouldn’t leave the driver alone :smiley: :+1: .

Nice review and pictures, well done, thanks. I missed your review originally, but wouldn’t have bought this light due to the UI. Too bad OTR doesn’t use a better firmware. I have the i3, modded with the same driver as yours (actually stole your idea), and it makes a great light with Crescendo and so much more juice.

Now, I’m curious about the Luxeon. I see the LED is out of focus, leading the beam to diverge. The LED must be above the focal point, right? If so, have you had a chance to try some thicker gasket to raise the reflector and see what that does?

On a second thought, I remember it must be actually below the focal point :weary:

Ahah, I told’ya this is a bug :smiley: I wanted to mod it since the beginning and now I had the materials for it :wink:

Thanks for your words too :wink:

Yes, OTR has improved the UI (at least in the 3 lights I got from them lately) but it is still not perfect! A even more configurable UI (ex: enable/disable mode memory would be enough, IMO) could be the best solution for them to increase sales :wink:

The i3 with Crescendo is a great choice indeed. I still have mine and I guess I won’t mod that one…I guess!
If you have an OTR M1 (see below), pick the tube/tail and attach it ti the i3 body, and get some 16650 cells: you’ll have even more juice :wink:

The issue with the Luxeon is actually not an issue in real life. The LED dome is less big than the on from the original XML2, and the gasket used not is also different but that “line/hole” seen in the photo is not visible in real life. Actually I start to think that the light was inclined and originated that. Still, being a different LED may, of course, lead to a different performance with that reflector.

For me it works great :wink: And now, even more :smiley:


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Would you buy this?:slight_smile:

Sorry for bringing this back to life. There is a new version with GaN LED. Looks interesting and I have it in my cart ready to pull the trigger. Only one thing stopping me from buying it, I don’t recall reading if it able to run on cr123 primary. Anyone know? Thanks

I didn’t test it with primary cells because I didn’t have it back then, but I went to OTR AliExpress page and it is stated there that it takes 16340/CR123/RCR123a.

I saw that too but I think the other description says CR123A, is CR123 and CR123A the same?

I guess so, but sometimes people mess up the naming. Even I, while quoting the OTR page, didn’t correct it, but the correct term would be CR123a.
So, I guess those cells should work !

You can also reach the OTR store support through the “chat” in the AE App/site and ask them to confirm if it takes CR123a 3V batteries !

Hello, CR123A/RCR123 is available.

That’s their response. Lol


In any case, I guess they mean that it may take them both.

If I find the driver and manage to use it in another flashlight with a CR123a cell, I may be able to confirm you that, but it may take some days :confused:

Thank you so much! Take your time. I am in no rush

Sorry for the laaaate reply! I don’t have any light with this driver installed and actually I am not sure where I have at all :zipper_mouth_face:

I’ll still keep it in mind in case I find a host for it and use the driver, and I will tell you, when I do!

I really like this light. Will purchase at some point.