“REVIEW”: On The Road i3 (2018/2019) - 16340 - Zoomable - 620 Lumens [Pic Heavy] - [***MODDED XPL-HI***]

Ooops, I confused the flashlight, thought it was the thinner :stuck_out_tongue:
Ahah, only issue I see with these big neck lights is we have them in the chest some friend slaps you there and we scream an “Ouch!!!” :smiley:

They also make a big bulb under the shirt.
And can get really uncomfortable while sleeping. That’s the only issue that matters really.

Thanks for the very thorough review and beam shots.

I’d like one of these with high CRI.

If I bought one of the existing options, I’d go with neutral.

I’d really like direct access to ML from off, regardless of which mode it was in when turned off, but could probably tolerate the current UI.

For tint, I’ve come to really like the 3D in my BLF A6.

Thanks :wink:
Yup, the Neutral White (XML2) was quite nice, I just opted for the CW due to light output! I still may change it at least for a warmer led :wink:
I actually didn’t like much the UI, specially the fact that with some faster clicks to advance modes it would turn on Strobe :zipper_mouth_face: That’s annoying!

But your “hypothetical” configuration for this light seems good :wink:
I may still check which LEDs with High Cri work well with this MTN driver :nerd_face:

This light is something I would need but in 18650 format…

Don’t be mad guys but there is no point of modding this light with FET driver… This light uses 16340 batteries :frowning: (cause frankly speaking we don’t have any quality 16340 batteries out there, and even if there is few good models they can’t compare in quality with brand 18650 batteries).

Is there any light like this On The Road i3 but with 18650 battery format?

Mini flashlight with 18650 format with 25mm body (not that stupid fat 3xAAA format), glass lenses, anodized threads? Guys finding good budget host with such specifications is almost mission impossible and this On The Road i3 is closest to that but it is constructed for freaking 16340 cell :person_facepalming:

I haven’t find any… OTR manufacturer if you’ll read this make 18650 version of this small superbly designed zoomie…

Well, I didn’t find it in the 18650 format, despite OTR once sold zoomies in that format too, but I guess they were larger! Their website is down, otherwise you’d be able to check those older models

I modded it to have a better UI, not because it was a FET. However, with the new Vapcell cells (800mAh, 7A) a FET driver will have some “utility”, and I have 2 on the way :smiling_imp:

Well, the best I can tell you is that soon I will be using a 16650 2500mAh battery on it :smiling_imp:
How? By removing the tailswitch of the i3 and using the battery tube of the OTR M1 on it, as the thread match! So…it will be thinner than a 18650 flashlight :smiley: But…you need to have both flashlights to make this “mash-up” :wink:


Are you still in contact with OTR manufacturer? You could open group buy for new ODM OTR light with single 18650 tube and maybe 17mm driver pill version…

I would like everything same as on this “On The Road i3” but tube designed for 18650 cell and pill that accepts 17mm drivers if possible.

I may contact him and see if they have any plans for that kind of flashlight! Still would need to be lager than this anyway, to fit the 18650 battery.
The inner and outer diameter will always grow a bit to make it fit!
I do like this option you mention, though as it would be slim and not as bulky as some zoomable lights we see nowadays. BUT, for that, the driver still needs to be 15mm, as a 17mm driver will make the pill grow in diameter. So…it would be hard to meet all the requirements.

I will contact the manufacturer and try to get any info on that :wink:

BTW, have you seen this light from OTR?

I think it is still available :wink:
And I think they will not be able to do something less thicker than this. I just sent message to the OTR contact and will be looking for his reply :wink:

EDIT: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Powerful-260LM-CREE-LED-Flashlight-3-Mode-Zoomable-Waterproof-Torch-Outdoor-Sports-Camping-Hiking-Size-CE01/32800850436.html?spm=2114.search0104.3.1.132a6ab1OUin02&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_6_10065_10068_319_10059_10884_317_10887_10696_321_322_10084_453_10083_454_10103_10618_10304_10307_10820_10301_10821_537_536,searchweb201603_52,ppcSwitch_0&algo_expid=f69fe97d-d558-41cd-9160-57fa2b247724-0&algo_pvid=f69fe97d-d558-41cd-9160-57fa2b247724
Or this?


The numbers don’t make sense for the second linked light - the ChengInn - only 4 hours run time with a max output of 260 lumens with an 18650 as the power source?

Would also like to know what the low output is.

I like the dimensions and form factor.


Hum, I was not looking to those aspects actually, just to the host itself! Not sure how good it would be (specially the pill, probably aluminium, and the lens, probably acrylic, not glass) but I also like the form factor.

About runtimes, we always know how these lights’ specs are presented, right? :person_facepalming:

I’m still considering this light, but would’t use it without a clip and I don’t see a clip offered as an accessory.

Which of the two stock LEDs is more neutral or warm?


Also considering that ChengInn 18650 light, but it also doesn’t come with a clip.

What light are you mentioning? The OTR i3 or the other OTR from Fasttech I linked?
It it is the i3, it has a pocket clip. If you decide to purchase it on AliExpress, send the seller a message.
If the other OTR, I don’t think it has a clip at all

Same question, is it about the OTR i3?
If so, the options for it are XML2 U3-1A / XML2 U3-5C / XP-G2 R5-1A being the U3-5C warmer than the U3-1A (cold white). My option was the U3-3C and it was more Neutral.

Nop, this one doesn’t seem to have one. Maybe a Convoy clip can be attached to it (not the screw-in clips, though).

I was referring to the I3 for the clip and emitter options.

I don’t see any optional accessories listed for the I3 on the aliexpress website, so I guess I would have to message the seller to find what the options are.

I would also have to buy a battery, so I’d also message the seller for battery suggestions.

I would likely chose the warm white option, if I buy one. I’m tired of cool white zoomies.

Thanks for all of your information and suggestions.

Ahh, ok ok :slight_smile:
Well, I guess that if you send a message to the seller, even if it costs you some more bucks, he will include the cell and the clip. You can mention that you are from BLF and that you’ve seen this review as well :wink:
The OTR 16340s are good cells. If you don’t change the driver for a FET or “more powerful” one, that cell or a Sofirn 900mAh cell will be enough. Still, you have the recently launched Vapcell 16340 800mAh 7A cells that will give you probably the best option for the light. This will also be the best option in case you use a FET or “more powerful” driver

About the tint, if you chose the 5C I guess you won’t be disappointed. Next steps I will do in mine is to put a Luxeon V 4000K to make it warmer. And the other step is to replace the burnt driver :person_facepalming: (don’t ask, don’t tell!!) :stuck_out_tongue:

In any case, ask the seller for that before making the order :wink:
Hope this helps!!

Hey MascaratumB!

Nice find mate! BTW the one that is aliexpress linked does it has glass lenses on? They did not stated which lens do they use and since head has “short walk” they are probably acrylic lenses. But one problem it has 44$ of shipping cost!!! I mean WTF :person_facepalming: Probably some mistake from seller?

Anyway that Ali light would be ultra find if it has glass lens because it is budget 10$ light :+1:

BTW that 18650 OTR Fasttech ligth you linked has a bit dear price…, and I am not sure what to think on that glass lens retaining ring…
Can you talk them into price cool down? :slight_smile:

Free shipping to Poland.

luminarium iaculator, I suggest that you ask them whether it’s a mistake or not.

Will do thanks.

I believe this one uses acrylic lens, not glass!

If you are talking about the ChengInn, that must be a mistake, as I only would have to pay less then 10€ for the flashlight.

Indeed, but I’m not sure about the lens and the pill quality, which are the only things keeping me from buying it as I would like to mod it and still get a nice beam.

About the retaining ring, are you talking abou the external ring? I see nothing wrong with it except that it may get trickier to take it out, eventually, without some grooves. But I see no problem with it! Below the lens there is a reflecting “gasket” (sorry as this is not the correct term) as on the i3!

About the price, sorry, but I don’t contact Fasttech! If you find any coupons maybe it get a bit lower. But I wouldn’t count too much on that…

That OTR 18650 would be better deal that is sure… Probably 35$ is for whole set (light, battery, charger). I think they could lower it something below 20$

PM sent.