“REVIEW”: On The Road Z821 - Zoomable – 1x18650 – 940 lumens [Pic Heavy]

Indeed! It is still a good throw, given the specs and that I cannot mod it “perfectly” :wink:

BTW, I modded my Eagle Eye X3R also with l4p driver set to 4.5A and White Flat 1.

3090 lux at 5m = 77250cd

It does this :wink:

I went from 66.5kcd to 71.4kcd by adjusting the focus. I took an o-ring from a 26650 light and pressed it onto the shelf where the lens sits then screwed the bezel part way back on.

This is “too much” adjustment and over focused it but I gradually pulled it back until I got a more ideal result with lux meter (on low up close) then formally re-tested at longer range with highest setting.

This tells me that additional 0.5mm added from MCPCB probably does make a difference even though it didnt appear much “sharper” to me visually. Not sure of the best way to correct this yet or if it’s worth it.

Yup, to get it right and increase the numbers seems like there is too much adjustments to do. The thicker MCPCB probably plays a role, mine is lifted a bit because of the pressure/contact of the “reflector” and the board/soldered wires.

The focusing with these Leds needs to be done carefully, adjusting the lens and all the rest in order to make it “reasonable!
Despite I like the current configuration, I am actually thinking of modding it later, eventually, probably maintaining the same driver, but replacing the led. Maybe a Luxeon or something alike… But this is just a thought, not decided yet.


Reflector lights can’t really impress me(even 300 + kcd lights) but really nice results for that Eagle light :+1:

And from your pic we can all see how “useful spill”(halo effect) from reflector light awakes your neighbors :laughing: on 2 buildings.

With aspheric you could lid that tree without anyone notice you…

If you guys use L4P DTP’s they are quite a bit thinner than Noctigons so maybe just slightly focus “issue” can happen here.

Thanks luminarium iaculator :wink:
Well, I know some people can make that led perform better on SMO reflectors, almost having no spill. With this light and its’ reflector (that screws along with the bezel, it is the possible beam :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, with the OTR i3 as I have it now, I would have almost no spill nor rings trying to do the same!
As for the Z821, maybe it had some rings/artifacts.

I believe that a Noctigon MCPCB would prevent some “extreme focus” as it would be even higher than the L4P. It would make the “reflector” almost unscrewable :zipper_mouth_face:

Today I managed to make the Z821 a bit better. I found a 3535 gasket that helped me stabilizing the led centering, so I removed the tape it had.
I blackened the gasket, the refector, the lens and the bezel. The center of the beam improved, with less “white”noise.

I compared values with the i3/M1 (with Samsung LH351D , MTN DD driver with Crescendo, 16650 battery charged to 4.18V).
The Z821 was using a Sony VTC6 charged up to 4.12V.

Both at 5m.
i3 ——————————————————————————- Z821

i3/M1 380 37 9500
Z821 2520 227 63000

The luxmeter “disappeared” from the image due to the beam intensity :stuck_out_tongue:

I would not call that reflector… That is well made MCPCB retaining ring seen on plenty of aspheric light models but this is probably the best… Screwable function is surely better than unscrewable :laughing: :beer: . We don’t want to loose that (on flashlight of course).

:smiley: :smiley: I saw what you did there!

Yeah, “reflector” is not the best word/expression, but I was not finding a better one :zipper_mouth_face:
In other zoomies normally it is a plastic piece that acts as gasket too, but in this we have the proper gasket, then that metal “part” :stuck_out_tongue:
I will try to find a proper spray to make it better blackened than with a black permanent marker.

I believe this is what you were referring to :wink:

I don’t think a pre-collimator lens increases throw at all. All it does is magnify the die slightly. The result should be a slightly wider hotspot and slightly decreased throw.

If you want to increase throw in the same size light by adding something between the LED and the main lens, I think the only option is a Waiven collar.

Yes… Almost true

Except that with the right precoolimator lens you have 100% larger die projection without any lux loss :slight_smile: :student:

Other option is not possible for plenty of hosts and you loose most important feature of zoomie light (zoom)…

Nice!… Now that is just right flashlight :beer: plus you can zoom out to get very fine flood mode better than any usefull spill from the reflector lights. Future of flashlights is in zoomie lights…

Ahah, I bet some people would disagree with you concerning this statement :smiling_imp:
Well, as for me, I will still have a place for zoomies in my collection :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes… Most people here but I don’t even doubt they will change their mind as technology develops.

Precoolimator lens should and will be also developed in a future. For know with the right precoolimator lens combination you can have 100% larger beam and higher flood mode beam intensity.

For me zoomie is high tech stuff and certainly flashlight area with a lot of thing that could be improved… This is not just “slap good reflector here and centering ring there” and wow what a “usefull spill” we have now :innocent: . Zoomies are much more than that and I see lately that some sellers started to figure that out also (after 20 years)…

I put in NM1 @ 5A and got 64kcd, not what I hoped for. I assume the PM1 used was a better bin and NM1 was worse bin

I guess it won’t hit 100 kcd :frowning:

Lens on this could be redesigned for better throw… Just look how much edge “meat” stock lens have… Usable aspheric/convex part is very small…

But anyway 65kcd is more than good for that size :+1:

Direct drive + mystery Boost HX = 69kcd or 64kcd on 6A setting.

No blue light on DD? :o

I used a Sanyo GA 3500mAh cell at 4.2V and it’s a 4040 LED

No blue, but it may have been over driven, not sure. I set it back to 6A cause the extra kcd wasn’t worth it.

Oh, and now I noticed, it was the Boost :person_facepalming:
Nice, probably a larger lens in a larger light will benefit from those settings!

I have my W2 at 6A too. I am using the OTR cell, already discharged. Not sure if it will be much different (in throw) if I lower it to 5A…

I hope to take some outdoor photos in the weekend to see how long it throws in pitch black darkness (unless Mrs. Almost Full Moon doesn’t let me :stuck_out_tongue: )