Review: Quad XPG3 4 x C Giant Flashlight

At first sight this looked like an impressive flashlight. It has quad LED’s,
2 pairs. 1 of the 2 pairs has some kind of optic to focus the beam and serves as a thrower, the other has a clear reflector for smooth flood. So this flashlight is basically a 2-in-1 a thrower and flooder all-in-one. I guess this is how they avoided the need for a Zoom head.

Price is about $15-$20.

I am not impressed with the performance of this flashlight, I could barely light things up 200 feet away.

With a similar 4xC or 3xC I was able to light up objects 500 feet away.
Not that I think highly of Zoomies but a $5 3xC zoomie will outshine this monster any day.
I bet you 3xAAA Atomic Bea can outshine it.

Detail of an LED “everydaysurvivalgear” pointed out these are Cree XPG3

I observed the following modes:
Modes: High-Throw-Flood- Strobe

High uses all 4 LED’s (throw+flood)

Throw uses 2 LED’s with a focus lense

Flood uses 2 LED’s

Strobe is self explanatory.

Tons of PWM, just awful!

Let’s look at the tail assembly, The tailswitch doesn’t have an exposed spring but a push button.

You can peel off the rubber head cover, and you will see stainless steel and plastic.

The body is basically a stainless steel tube inside a black plastic tube that you see. The head is stainless as well, with a rubber cover.

Inside the battery tube

Threads are plastic!!! Common! , whos idea was that.!!!

Here are some beam shots

Quad Mode

Flood mode

After all the bashing of this light, I want to come up with something positive to end with.

A: The black plastic body could be advantageous in wet conditions, when metal surface becomes very slippery.

It might also be great asset during freezing temperatures. Touching your aluminum flashlight with bare hands is very painful so a plastic body is a major plus.

What about labeling it as a budget Maglite and what about a “self defense” training tool. As everyone knows a Maglite is a popular self defense tool, and this flashlight could be great especially for training purposes because you will have to whack somebody while you are practicing your moves and as well for the fun of it when you just want to see how it feels getting whacked by a Maglite, Well, it’s going to hurt much less with a plastic body dampening the blow. Also you have a less chance of the flashlight slipping out of your hands and damaging your surroundings.

The last plus would be that the rubber head has some Squared off features to prevent rolling.

To be continued…

Hey mate the light looks like it is using XPG3s what is the output like?

Really XPG3? Claims 1500 lumens but the output looks weak, even on brand new batteries.
Barely 200 feet / 70 meters.

Yea this is what a XPG3 die looks like.

ANSI ratings are rubbish for throw the optics look to small to put light that far away.

Are you using alkaline batteries?

Yes these are Chinese Duraleek batteries 4xC.

That’s probably the reason for not outputting much light.

Try it with NiMH AAs instead.

Yea that is true.
Do you have any NiMH batteries you can get adapters to turn them into C size cells. You might get better performance that way.

Good idea, I think I have two C-to-AA adapters and will have to improvise 2 more and I then I will try it with Panasonic/Eneloop I think they have 2000 mAh .

I added some more beam shots

The flashlight is from Costco. 1500 lumens running on 4 C batteries. $15 on sale. Try running 18650 or 26650 if they fit. Much more power.

BTW, I was going to buy but the 1500 lumens compared to the Bushnell 1500 lumen is much lower.

It is much lower than 1500 for sure. I was thinking of putting in 18650, but I as under the impression that 4xC=6Volts,

Which Bushnell 1500 did you get? this one?

That Bushnel looks like a million bucks compared to my plastic one, Althought it eats 9xAA

I own that one. Plus rechargeable 1500 version too.