Review request for HKJ [USB Power Devices]

What about this two?

I own something like that 6-in-1 thingamajig. Basically it’s 3 loads you can combine : 0,5A, 1A and 2A.
At least that’s what they’re supposed to be, they’re ceramic loads, so it may ‘vary’ a little.
It’s also equipped with a bunch of LED’s on the back, which consume about 0,8A and you can connect 4 more loads/devices to it.
Don’t believe mine has the mini/micro)usb connectors, but otherwise it’s identical…
Back in the day, before I had fancy electronic testers and loads, this is what I used to test stuff. It’s quite old…

I might take a look at them.
The problem with usb isolators is that they only support fairly slow speeds.

Please consider to review following devices:

YZXstudio 8th Gen powerbank DS2784

Omnicharge PowerBank

PLX Devices Legion Portable Battery Charger 11000mAh

Where can I buy it?

That is a Indiegogo project, I may look at it when I can get it from a shop.

Shipping is $22, that is a bit much for a $40 device.

Forum members order by email from Franky Tong,
YZXStudio 8 Power Bank Review (4x18650) - #29 by will34

Shipping on the PLX Legion is a bit more than ususal, but this device has been the first powerbank with OLED. And also multiprocessor (temperature, voltage, current, etc.).
It’s currently in the selling out phase, the black one and the smaller 5.500mAh capacity already sold out.

It’s also availiable on eBay:

There's currently the Vitebo VTB-28 on sale for 24€ instead of 40€ at reichelt:

Also very interesting is the Vitebo VTB-80A with 2(!) microUSB inputs:


I would Love to know if These things are Safe to use

What the heck is that?

I have ordered one and maybe I will do a review (If I can figure out what it is).

For now I believe it is a usb charger (Power supply) with a bluetooth sound receiver that is routed to a jack connector.

I am taking it easy with power banks, i.e. I will not be buying any at the moment (I have some I bought a long time ago that I did not get time to review). Reason to review a power bank is:

  1. It is very interesting (Like the YZX studio, but is must be possible to buy in a usable version).
  2. Somebody send my one (Like Blitzwolf).

When I am lower on usb chargers I will probably review more power banks with less reasons :wink: but that is a couple of months away.

Have you reviewed Ugreen chargers? They’re a pretty well known brand in China making quality components and cables.

I’ve tested one of their cables, and they are very nice quality.

I have one on the way.

High charging and discharging rate for a single 18650 powerbank. 2.4A in 3A out. I wonder how well the NCR18650B handles those…

Looks interesting, I have bought one.

Any chance of testing this very cheap (costs like $11) and versatile powerbank Aili 119 (6×18650 not included):

Beside usb output it has options to adjust output voltage from 3,3V to 21V (up to 3,3A) so that it can also be used to charge laptops. I bought this one after I read a review where the writer claimed very high efficiency when charging laptop and average when using usb output . If this test is out of the question for you, can you please take a look at the methodology of this russian test and if its even theoreticly possible that boost from 9-12V to 20V is realized with such a high efficiency (97% ?). Thank you!
Link to the test:
Translated into english:\_t&hl=sl&ie=UTF-8&

I just saw there's a new version of the YZXStudio UPM : ZY1273.

Haven't thoroughly compared specs though, but the major difference I see is USB Type-C instead of a micro-usb connector.

At first glance the specifications looks the same as ZY1270, but the display looks considerable smaller. This might be the only change and done to reduce the price.

I have ordered one.

I’m very curious about the Soshine E3 / Tomo V8-4 Powerbank!
One is now in my Powerbank collection.
Only disadvantage so far is it can’t work as ups and has around 2,5mA drain.

I have been looking at one, but it could not handle 2A current draw (It died), maybe I will get another and do a full test.

I just emailed Franky, I want one with bluetooth.

It'll come in handy when testing USB-C cables ;)