Review request for HKJ [USB Power Devices]

I don’t understand why output has to be 100W, yet there are no known devices which can request 100W power.

It do not need to, but for testing it would be nice to cover the full usb-c power range. I nothing better shows up I will probably start with the Apple.

Would be interesting :slight_smile:

Found another USB Type-C voltmeter:

And thanks for the now brand new JustMobile AluCharge review :wink:

How about:

  • a 20A 5V Meanwell-Power-Supply?

What I want is something that understand and reacts to the usb-c commands for power delivery. This is much more complicated than Quick Charge and not something I want to make myself.

Hi, i did find some new and interesting devices (usb power supplies/chargers).
Could be interesting for your queue :slight_smile:

Most interesting would be your review of the YZXStudio Power Bank:

Powerbank which delivers 3A/5V via USB-C:

USB charger with reversible plugs (so work with every cable besides the reversibled ones like fom Blitzwolf)

USB charger with integrated Current and Voltage meter for 1/4 ports (1x QC2.0)

USB charger with current and voltage meter for every of each 6 2.4A Ports:

12V car USB charger with very slim case:

Saw another energy/power meter from ZhuRui-Tec:

LPT200 Lamp Parameter Tester (the name says it’s designed to test LED lights, but the item’s description notes that it can be used to test electrical consumption of most electric appliances)

I bought this one a few weeks back and was rather annoyed when I got it. Plug in my Nexus 6P, plug in my USB-C supply and it’ll show ~1.7A and wont “fast charge”. The phone realises something else is in line and doesn’t fast charge. Annoying.

I may look at them later, just know I have enough in queue

I doubt it, it is rather difficult to get ready made.

I have already reviews that usb charger, probably with another name on it.

I will think about it.

Review is nearly finished.


Converting any USB QC power source into an universal 5-20V power adapter:

I have looked at something like that before: Test of USB QC2-3-MTK-PE Trigger J7-t

One problem is that it can easily damage a normal usb device, because the output is a usb connector.

I have ordered one, if I get the time I will review it.

Great, thanks for your link and the review!

Found an powermeter similiar to YZXStudio, but even more advanced (lots of features, logs, calibration, graphs, etc.):

I already have that power meter on the way, but I will not promise anything about when I do a review.

Hello HKJ,

i found nice powerbanks and two interesting (wall) chargers:

The first power bank looks really nice, but I will take it a bit easy with ordering more stuff for review. I already have a lot of items on the way and in queue.

Hi HKJ, how about some 230V AC powerbanks?äte-Reiseladegerät-Smartphone/dp/B01LZMP0J2/äte-USB-iSmart-Smartphones/dp/B01N3V56YH/

I'm sure HKJ will review one if you send him one. I would :)
You always seem to come up with quite costly things...

These power banks are definitely on the expensive side, I must admit I would like one. I am not going to buy one this month and probably not next month either, I have way to much “junk” in queue and I have used a bit much money recently (Bench DMM’s and other test equipment are not cheap).
But when my current queue is running low I may return to that list again and maybe order one of them.

While browsing around, I came across some reviewers of USB-C cables and USB-C chargers, maybe they’ll be useful for reference:

reviews of USB-C stuff by Nathan K.

reviews of USB-C stuff by Benson Leung

and a Google spreadsheet summary of USB-C PD chargers and cables:

(if the above link doesn’t work, I got it from below:)

seems like the Apple 87w USB-C PD power adapter is the highest-wattage USB-C PD power supply listed at the moment